Boarding is a great way to ensure that wherever you are from, however long the commute; your son can still have a Newington education.

Edmund Webb Boarding House

Edmund Webb Boarding House is a five minute walk from the Newington College Senior Campus in Stanmore and is the home away from home for a close knit group of 50 boys. Our Boarders come from all walks of life and together, with our Boarding Staff, form the Edmund Webb Boarding Family.

Our Boarding Staff are all academic staff at the College and live onsite with their own families. Boarding is open to boys from Years 9 to 12.

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Why Board?

• Access to Newington’s world-class facilities • After hours support from Teaching staff members who are also Boarding Staff • Be part of a close community of no more than 50 boarders

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Boarding for Sydney Residents

Sydney is a big city and for many residents, endless hours are wasted each week commuting. Boarding is a great way of converting those dead hours sitting on a train or a bus to a time of productivity. Our Boarders retreat to the Library each afternoon for Prep where teachers across a range of subjects are on hand to provide extra help.

Many of our boys will have multiple sports, music commitments and clubs that they are part of and getting to training can be difficult. When you board at Newington, the Boarding House is never more than ten minutes away from every classroom, workshop, studio, tennis court or theatre on campus.

The Boarding Family

At Edmund Webb, the Boarding Family becomes the boy’s city family. Currently, four academic staff members live in the boarding house with their families giving the boarding house a friendly and familial atmosphere.

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The Boarding House is well-equipped with facilities to cater to the boys’ needs. With full laundry facilities, air-conditioning in each of the rooms and a recently upgraded hot water system, the Boarding House is a a comfortable place to live with all the necessary amenities.

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Message from the Boarders

The small nature of the Boarding House allows for a rich culture to develop. Every boy knows each other in a way that surpasses many other Boarding Houses in Sydney and across the state. This makes life a lot smoother as you live with your mates and not just ‘other’ boarders.

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Rural and Regional Boarding Scholarships

Please note that this fee relief applies to Boarding only, not tuition fees

The Council is committed to growing the Edmund Webb Boarding House in the years ahead and is keen to ensure that regional and rural boarders continue to be well represented. To this end, students who are both Australian Residents and live outside a 100km radius of Newington, may have a portion of the boarding fee waived if they are ongoing boarders in the Boarding House. Currently the Boarding House caters for Year 9 to 12 only.

If a boy commences in Year 9 in the Boarding House and resides there for four consecutive years, then the College will waive payment of the Year 9 and Year 12 Boarding fee. Therefore, a four year boarding commitment equates to only two years of boarding fees.

If a boy commences in Year 10 in the Boarding House and resides there for three consecutive years, then the College will waive payment of the Year 10 Boarding fee. Therefore a three year boarding commitment equates to one year of no boarding fees.

Eligible boys are encouraged to apply for a number of Scholarships and Bursaries available for rural and regional boys.

Apply for a Boarding Scholarship

Newington College opened in 1863 as a boarding school and maintained the boarding facility when the College moved to Stanmore in 1880. The Edmund Webb Boarding House can currently accept up to 50 students from Year 9 to 12.

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