Enquiries regarding fees or accounts should be directed to the Finance Department on 02 9568 9333 (international callers dial +61 2 9568 9333).

Tuition and Boarding 2022

While it is expected that there will be no change to the Fee Schedule during the course of the year, Council reserves the right to make alterations, in the event of unforeseen substantial changes in costs.

Early Learning Centre

$146 per day (click here for more information)  

Preparatory Schools

Kindergarten $20,903
Years 1-2 $20,949
Years 3–4 $24,098
Years 5–6 $28,290

Secondary School

Years 7-8    $33,836
Year 9    $35,933
Year 10    $36,019
Years 11-12    $36,770

Other Fees and Boarding

Boarding Fees $29,324 (including a GST component)
Boarder’s Amenity Fee $300
Newington Challenge (NC) $561
Year 11 and 12 Cadets and NC $891

(Percentage increase 2020 to 2022: K-Y6 – 3.5 per cent; Y7-Y9 – 4 per cent and Y10-Y12 – 4.25 per cent. There was no increase in 2021)

You can download a full, print-friendly fee schedule here.

A photo of the grounds at Stanmore campus. Boys walk between class periods.

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Fees for brothers

When brothers are attending the College at the same time, the eldest is charged full fees with a: 10% reduction for the second brother; 15% reduction for the third brother; 25% reduction for the fourth and subsequent brothers (except when provision for a bursary or scholarship applies).

Terms and Conditions

Registration and Enrolment Fees

When a boy is registered for possible future enrolment, a Registration Fee of $300 (incl. GST) is payable. This amount is not refundable.

A non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $5000 is payable before a boy’s enrolment can be confirmed. Boarding students are also required to pay a refundable deposit of $1000.


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Educational expenses including tuition are generally exempt from GST. The College reserves the right to charge GST for goods and services provided where exemptions do not apply.


TVET and NSW School of Languages

Annual tuition fees will cover up to $1000 of the net cost to the College for TVET and NSW School of Languages courses when the course is taken as part of a student’s normal curriculum. TVET courses are currently supported by funding from the AIS. This funding is not guaranteed, but, if received, will be applied to reduce the net cost of TVET courses.


K–6 Excursions and Amenities Levy

In addition to the tuition fees, an excursion and amenities levy for Years K–6 is charged to cover excursions and activities. The levy does not cover school camps and overnight excursions which will be charged separately, if applicable. This charge varies depending on the activities conducted by the Preparatory School. It will be included in the first invoice of the school year.


Rebate for Absence

In appropriate circumstances, the College may agree to credit up to 50% of tuition fees where a boy is absent for four weeks or more at a time because of illness or injury. Any request for such a credit should be directed to the Chief Financial Officer and should be accompanied by a medical certificate. Final determination of any such request will be at the discretion of the Headmaster.


Withdrawal from School or from Boarding

Subject to the next clause, a full term’s notice must be given in writing to the Head of Campus before any student is withdrawn or before his status is changed from boarder to day student. The notice must be given before the first day of the student’s last full term. If this notice is not given, a terms’ fees will be charged and, if the student is a boarder, a quarter year’s boarding fee will be charged. This amount is a genuine pre-estimate by the College of the loss that it would suffer if the required notice is not provided.

Two terms’ notice must be given in writing to the Head of Campus before any current Year 6 student is withdrawn after the beginning of Term 2. The notice must be given before the first day of the student’s second last full term. If this notice is not given, two terms’ fees will be charged. This amount is a genuine pre-estimate by the College of the loss that it would suffer if the required notice is not provided.


Parents and Friends’ Association (P&F)

An annual levy per family (as determined by the P&F) will be billed in May. The 2021 levy was $50.


Fees in Advance Policy

The College provides families with the ability to pay their fees in advance.

Please contact the Finance Department on 02 9568 9333 for more information.

International Student Fees

Full Fee Paying Overseas Students (FFPOS)

Enrolment Fee: $6,200 per day boy or $8,100 per boarder.

The enrolment fee is required by the College before an enrolment can be confirmed. Enrolment fees have a non-refundable component of $5000. The balance of $1,200 is refundable. Please note that any unpaid charges will be deducted from the refundable portion. In addition to the Registration Fee, Enrolment Fee, Annual Tuition Fee and Boarding Fee (if applicable), international students will be charged:

Overseas Student Health Cover as set by the Australian Government;

HSC Fee for Year 12 students as set by the Australian Government ($1251 in 2022);

FFPOS fee of $6,315 per annum.


When Parents Relocate from Australia

If parents of Overseas Students with Temporary or Special Residence leave Australia, their sons will be treated as FFPOS. They will need to pay an extra $1,700 Enrolment Fee for each day boy or an extra $3,600 Enrolment Fee for each boarder. These payments are refundable after a student leaves the College and the fee account is settled.

Payment of Accounts

The College will issue all fees in nine monthly instalments from January to September (inclusive). Invoices will be issued on the 7th of each month and payment is due on the 16th of that month, or the next business day where the 16th falls on a weekend or public holiday. If applicable, the FFPOS fee will be charged on the January invoice.

Make an Online Payment here.

The College’s preferred method of paying fees is by direct debit from a nominated credit card or bank account. Other options of payment available are BPay, Credit Card (MasterCard, Visa and American Express via the College website). Please note the College’s Finance Department cannot process payments over the phone. Payment by credit card will attract a 1% surcharge.

Late payment may incur an Administration Fee of $125.

A student’s enrolment may be discontinued if fees remain unpaid. Similarly, a student will not be allowed to participate in a non-compulsory school event (such as a tour) unless tuition fees have been paid.

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