Newington College

Inclusive Learning

Inclusive Learning Department

The Inclusive Learning Department Is a highly skilled team who plays an integral role in the education of students with disabilities, those who are neurodiverse, and students who are gifted or twice exceptional. They work closely with our expert teachers to actively develop, implement and support inclusive educational practices to meet the needs of our diverse student population.

Identifying a student’s individual needs is a collaborative process. A student may be identified by the subject teacher, mentor or parent and referred to the Inclusive Learning Department for further inquiry and assessment.

High Potential Academic Program

Students with exceptional academic abilities need to be challenged so that they can best discover the type of learner they are, and what success can mean for them.

An individual approach

While Newington College is proudly non-selective, Students with extraordinary talents are in an environment where they can extend their boundaries.

Our experience is that each student’s talents and strengths are individual, and our approach to each of them must be individual as well.

Our programs from Kindergarten to Year 6 provide a differentiated curriculum for students who have been assessed to show exceptional potential in any area. Our Inclusive Learning teachers and Gifted and Talented specialists partner with the classroom teachers to provide support and extension within the context of the regular classroom. This allows students to maintain established friendships and progress with their year group, in a challenging and enriched environment.

Our High Potential Program operates across Year 7 to Year 10, across and between students’ core and elective academic disciplines.

Each core subject takes individual approaches to ability-grouping, allowing them to extend and enrich students in a manner that is best for their age and stage of learning. In some cases this involves conventional streaming of students, in others it involves lateral enrichment and exploration in a subject.

For some, extension means opportunities to work with a group of like-minded thinkers. For others, it is with a specialist tutor or mentor and for some, the opportunity to accelerate their learning in a specific subject. Each student’s journey of learning is individual to them.

Support Based Learning

SBL focuses on remediating and reviewing the essential literacy and numeracy skills required across the key learning areas.

Support Based Learning (SBL) classes are offered to students throughout Year 7 to 12 who are achieving below their age or stage level in literacy and/or numeracy. Taught by specialist Inclusive Learning, SBL focuses on remediating and reviewing the essential literacy and numeracy skills required across key learning areas