Newington College

Uniforms and Equipment

Newington's distinctive colours of Black and White date from around 1868.

The Black and White

Newington students have been wearing the Black and White since 1869 where, before official school uniforms, it first appeared on the rugby field.

Today the distinctive black blazer with sharp white trim, black and white striped tie and the fierce Wyvern atop the motto scroll ‘In Fide Scientiam’ – ‘To Faith Add Knowledge’ all feature in the Newington College uniform.

Students proudly pull on the Black and White for each of the AAGPS official sports whenever they represent the College on the field of play. Our 1sts and 2nds teams wear their own strip in recognition of their effort and commitment in representing Newington at the highest levels.

The pinion of the Raven, The white of ocean foam, The Dragon Grim defiant, The Standard of our home!

While busy in academic classes it’s blazers off and sleeves up but for events and ceremonies the students show their respect for the College and the occasion by wearing the Full Blazer Uniform.

The Uniform Shop

The Newington Uniform Shop, operated by Midford, is in the Concordia Building on Stanmore Road. Parking is accessible via 156 Cavendish St, Stanmore.


Opening Hours

Term opening hours

Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 4.00pm
First Saturday of Term: 8.00am – 12.00pm

Please visit the Uniform Shop on New Spaces for extended holiday opening hours.

To avoid waiting times and in an effort maintain a covid-safe environment, families are strongly encouraged to order via the Midford online store. The store will be open during the above-mentioned times for in store collection and home delivery courier service. To register and create your own username and password, you require the Midford secure passcode located on New Spaces.

Click here to register online, or login with your username.

Make an appointment 

Parents wanting a uniform fitting are required to schedule an appointment through the Midford online appointment form.

The Preparatory Uniform

Our Prep campus students wear the grey jacket and shorts, striped shirt and tie and the distinctive cap.

Our Early Learning Centre (ELC) students wear black and white uniforms. Orders can be placed with the uniform shop.

The Black & White Store

The Black & White Store offers a collection of quality merchandise suitable for a number of occasions. Identify yourself on the side of a field to other Newington parents with a hat or scarf. Items from the Black & White store make excellent gifts for former students (Old Newingtonians) and new coming into the school.

The range is updated annually and items come and go seasonally. All items are available for sale at the Newington Uniform Shop in Concordia.

Apron – black$20.00
Apron – striped or black and white ties$40.00
Bag – 160 Year edition tote bag$25.00
Bag – NC tote bag$15.00
Beanies – with or without pom-pom$20.00
Caps – Black or White$25.00
Caps – 3D Newington$25.00
Caps – Wyvern$25.00
Caps – Quick dry white sports$25.00
Coffee Mugs$20.00
Coffee Mugs – traveller$25.00
Cufflinks – with box$40.00
Cufflinks – without box$35.00
Drink bottle – Frank Green$55.00
Glass – Stein/Tankard$25.00
Glass – Wine glass stemmed$49.00
Glasses – Wine glass stemless$49.00
Hat – Ladies sun hat$35.00
Hat – White sun visor$25.00
Key Rings – Silver Wyvern$10.00
Pen – New or old version$20.00
Pen & Pencil Set$45.00
Pencil Case – Large$12.00
Pencil Case – Small$8.00
Picnic blanket$45.00
Picnic chair$55.00
Rings – Sterling silver$180.00
Scarf – Ladies$45.00
Scarf – Black fleece$35.00
Scarf – Black knitted$40.00
Stickers – Car, internal or external$5.00
Tie Clip$30.00
Towel – Tea Towel$15.00
Towel – Tea Towel 160 Year edition$25.00
Towel – Quick dry swim$45.00
Towel – Golf towel$22.00

Blak Douglas Indigenous Merchandise – 2022 Archibald Prize Winner

Laptop case$35.00
Bag – Black and white calico tote$10.00
Bag – Black canvas tote$30.00
Tea towel$20.00

The P&F vision is A stronger community through a connected community. With that sentiment, the store is run by parent volunteers. Any surplus goes back into programs and activities to support our students. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.