The Newington College Foundation was established in 1974 to assist in the provision of ongoing financial support and resources not otherwise available to the College.

The Gift of Giving

Every Gift is vital to the Newington Foundation, no matter how big or small. The gift of giving is the legacy that provides the opportunity of a Newington education to all.

Newington has been blessed to be supported by now six generations of Old Boys, parents and friends who have endowed the College with gifts that have had a transformative effect over the years.

Our buildings and bursaries can only be sustained through the generosity of our supporters.

It is only through the generosity of past generations that our boys are able to learn in spaces that inspire them to Discover what’s possible. Support from current generations will provide the means to maintain and expand these facilities.

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Make a Donation

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Newington College Endowment Fund

The Newington College Endowment Fund has been established so that, by 2040, we can continually provide 100 potentially outstanding young boys from families with proven socio-economic need, the opportunity of a Newington education throughout secondary school. This is Newington’s social justice policy in action by actively pursuing our value of diversity through focus on socio-economic inequality. To achieve this goal, we need your support.

What difference can a Bursary make?

Bursaries are means tested scholarships. Accordingly, only the most deserving of boys will be offered such an opportunity.

  • What does receiving a Bursary to attend Newington College really mean?
  • What impact can such an opportunity have on a young boy, his family and their future?

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Why Support Us?

Like all schools, Newington’s day-to-day operations are met by fees paid by our parents and grants from the State and Federal Governments. We recognise the sacrifices made by our parents and the generous support of the Government and we spend our funds wisely. Accordingly, we rely on the goodwill and generosity of the Newington Community to provide funds to enable the Endowment Fund to become a reality or to continue to provide facilities for our boys.

Current Bursaries and Scholarships Categories


  • Bursaries and Scholarships for Years 7, 9 and 11

All Round Achievement


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Building Fund

Gifts to the Building Fund enhance education by enabling the construction of purpose built facilities so we can provide every opportunity for Newington Boys to Discover what’s Possible.

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Ways you can give

  • If you are a current parent we ask you to please consider including a Voluntary Building Fund donation on your monthly fee account.
  • For Old Boys, staff, past parents and friends of Newington, we ask you to join our Regular Giving program where your monthly donation can be easily established.

Voluntary Building Fund Program

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Drama Centre

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Michael Morgan (ON 1964) Rowing Centre

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Old Boys Lecture Theatre 'Take a Seat'

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Sponsor a Chapel Pew

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Year 7 Library

Library Fund

Libraries are very expensive to maintain and we are fortunate to have a small group of donors – Old Boys and parents alike – who support our Library with generous donations. All donations to the Library Fund are 100% tax deductible and are used to purchase resources for the Library.

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A Bequest is an opportunity for every member of the Newington Community to make a tangible and lasting gift to the College.

A Bequest is a gift that can be either named or anonymous. It is an instruction contained within a Will and specifically reserves part of an Estate for a particular beneficiary.

A Bequest to Newington College is a substantial and lasting way of contributing to the future of the College and can be made in a variety of ways to reflect a person’s particular wishes.

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Founders Society

The Founders Society was established to recognise, honour and cherish those who have remembered the College in their Will. It also seeks to acknowledge the pivotal role that they play in securing the future of Newington.

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Support the ONU Centennial Trust

The ONU Centennial Trust was establish by the ONU in 1995 to celebrate its Centenary Year. The first endowment was awarded in 1996 and over the past 20 years, it has awarded in excess of $150,000 to 29 young Old Boys covering all fields of endeavour and interest.

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AIS USA Foundation

The AIS USA Foundation was established as the Newington USA Foundation in 2006 to provide the means for US based Old Boys and those working for international firms to donate to the College.

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Foundation and Fundraising Insite

Find out more about Endowment Funds, Bequests and how to donate on the Foundation and Fundraising Insite.

To find out more about Foundation and Fundraising Initiatives at Newington College please contact Director of Community and Development, Mr Rod Bosman (ON 1978) on 02 9568 9540 or via email