Newington College


Newington College works as a close partnership at a number of levels - students, teachers and parents, the College and the Uniting Church, our Old Newingtonians, donors and the local community – it is a vibrant network of partnerships.

Our Community Members

Over the years, Newington has cultivated many effective partnerships among students, parents, teachers, Old Newingtonians and the community at local, national and international levels.

Such partnerships form the basis of our strength as a College and are fundamental to our aim of providing our students with a well-rounded and distinguished education.

The Community and Development Office at Newington provides comprehensive support for Old Newingtonians, MOONS (Mothers of Old Newingtonians), past staff, benefactors and friends of Newington to retain their links with the College and their peers and attend College activities and events.

The Newington College Foundation was established in 1974 to foster a culture of giving within our school community. The Foundation is the major fundraising arm of the College, providing financial assistance in support of our academic and means-tested scholarships, capital development and strategic initiatives.

Time spent at the Saturday sport barbecue, whether you are cooking the sausages or feeding hungry footballers, is also a time to share positive stories and hear that others are sharing the same journey. Joining the P&F Association at Newington is not just about getting involved but belonging to a tight-knit community.

Admissions for Old Newingtonians

The College recognises the valuable contribution to our community made by inter-generational family connection. The Admissions department is available to discuss enrolment enquiries for any children of Old Newingtonians.

Demographics Project: Frequently Asked Questions

Information about the interlinked issues the College Council is exploring.