Each year we produce a number of print and digital publications with news and updates about our College, staff and students.

THE NEWINGTONIAN has been our College's annual yearbook recording the lives and achievements of students and staff since 1884.

THE NC (formerly NEWS) is a biannual publication featuring news articles and stories from staff, students and members of the Newington community across all three campuses.

THE ANNUAL RESULTS MAGAZINE showcases the latest results from our graduating Year 12 boys. Both HSC and IB Diploma Programme results are featured with a special section from the boys on useful study tips and advice for future Year 12s.


 Autumn The NC

This edition of the College magazine, now titled The NC, explores connection at all three of our campuses. Belonging and connecting with one another – through online communities or in person – can lead to a healthier mindset, improved self-esteem, greater enjoyment of life, a sense of safety and the protection of good mental health.  There are articles on topics including the benefits and perils of ChatGPT, a discussion of the physical benefits of connection, an Old Boy raising funds to support those with cancer, a Geography excursion to North Queensland and collaboration at our Prep schools. Enjoy!


Autumn News

We all know that curiosity, properly used, is the startup gas that fires the mind. Indeed, it gets pride of place as the first of three features of the Newington ‘Inspired Mind’ – curiosity, open-mindedness and rigour. This edition celebrates curiosity at all three of our campuses, from the early role modelling of curiosity by ELC staff working with our youngest students to the introduction of our Critical Thinking and Ethics Quarters and the emphasis on curiosity for IB and HSC students. 

Spring News

Service is a large part of Newington’s vision and perhaps even our raison d’etre. In this edition we recognise the importance of service across all campuses. This includes stories about the children of the ELC, who ‘possess a natural heart for service’, and the Year 6 Service Learning Monitors at Wyvern and Lindfield students’ work in the community. We also feature the Senior school’s Red Centre Tour and Year 11 student Jasper Walsh’s incredible charity work. There is a discussion of our new campus on the mid-north coast and, of course, plenty of sport and academic achievements. 


Autumn News

The theme for the autumn edition of News magazine is Integrity, one of the qualities Newington College cultivates in the ‘Great Hearts’ of our students. Integrity means being true to yourself and your values, being honest, following through on commitments and striving to be your best self. This edition celebrates integrity at all of our campuses, from the early role modelling of integrity by ELC staff working with our youngest students to philosophy lessons and leadership opportunities at our prep schools and the academic and personal integrity demanded in the senior years.  


Spring News

The theme for the spring edition of News is ‘rigour’. At Newington College, we offer our students many opportunities and in return expect boys to show commitment and effort in their school work as well as their sporting and co-curricular pursuits. This edition of News explores rigour both in and beyond the classroom across all four campuses.

Autumn News

The theme for the autumn edition of News is ‘flexibility’. The first five months of 2020 have been a time of unprecedented and rapid change for schools. Flexibility has been at the heart of almost everything we have done at Newington this year. This edition of News celebrates the creativity and resilience of our school community as we navigate the challenges of change.


Autumn News

The theme for the autumn edition of News magazine is ‘journeys’. The very best sort of journeys combine that sense of physical change of place with real learning, or in some cases an epiphany. Newington College is a community steeped in diversity and inclusiveness. Our social service journeys bring our boys into contact with a wide array of people from all walks of life, all colours and creeds, and are an integral part of a Newington education.


At the beginning of each year, the College compiles a summary of all the latest HSC and IB results from the previous year’s graduating class. Read all about our high achievers and what they have in mind for the future by clicking on the editions below.


Special Publications

Each year, boys across a range of years at Newington College have the opportunity to submit their best works of prose, art and literature from the year to New Enigma. Both written and edited by the boys.