Each year we produce a number of print and digital publications with news and updates about our College, staff and students.

THE NEWINGTONIAN has been our College's annual yearbook recording the lives and achievements of boys and staff since 1884.

NEWS MAGAZINE is a biannual publication featuring news articles and stories from staff, boys and members of the Newington community across all three campuses.

THE ANNUAL RESULTS MAGAZINE showcases the latest results from our graduating Year 12 boys. Both HSC and IB Diploma Programme results are featured with a special section from the boys on useful study tips and advice for future Year 12s.

The Newingtonian Digitised

The Newingtonian has been chronicling the lives and achievements of boys and staff since 1884. A project to digitise The Newingtonian, nearing completion, will make this wonderful resource available online.

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Autumn News 2017

The theme for the autumn edition of News magazine is ‘risk’. Risk is defined as the potential of gaining or losing something of value. Although risk sometimes has negative connotations, at Newington, risk-taking is fundamental to academic growth, character development and human endeavour.

Spring News 2017

The theme for the spring edition of News magazine is ‘Legacy’. The blazer photographed for the cover of this edition belongs to our Head of Sport, Mr James Godfrey (ON 1993). It is a tangible record of only some of his legacy to the College. James is a man of substance and resilience who now encourages current boys to achieve their personal bests. When our boys look back at their time at the College, it is hoped that they, like James, will be proud of the legacy they have left behind.


Autumn News 2016

According to sociologist Joyce Levy Epstein, “Partnerships recognise the shared responsibilities of home, school and community for children’s learning and development.” Over the years, Newington has cultivated many effective partnerships among boys, parents, teachers, Old Boys and the community at local, national and international levels.

Spring News 2016

The theme for the spring 2016 edition of News magazine is ‘Measurement’. Though we cannot put a numerical measurement on each individual boy’s journey at Newington, we are constantly analysing and charting various aspects of school life to ensure all boys are getting the most out of their education.


Autumn 2015

The theme for the autumn 2015 edition of News magazine is ‘He Cares’. A Newington education does not come with a sense of entitlement. We expect all boys to know when to serve, step up, and speak out for others.

Spring 2015

The theme for the spring 2015 edition of News is ‘The Big Idea: Uniting the Learning Philosophy’. The College is strategically directed by three main guiding principles: What is best for boys, a learning focus and an intent to ‘Discover what’s possible’.


Autumn News 2014

In addition to the various sporting and co-curricular opportunities available to boys at the College, 2014 marked the year in which Newington put on its biennial Musical, Oliver! Under the direction of Head of Drama Ms Tamara Smith and Head of Music Mr Mark Scott, a cast and crew of 88 students took to the stage at NIDA in the Charles Dickens classic story about a young orphan named Oliver Twist.

Spring News 2014

The theme for the Spring 2014 edition of News is ‘International Mindedness’. This edition explores the various ways in which the College celebrates cultural diversity, fosters ideas of international citizenship, encourages boys to recognise human commonality and understand local, national and international perspectives.


At the beginning of each year, the College compiles a summary of all the latest HSC and IB results from the previous year’s graduating class. Read all about our high achievers and what they have in mind for the future by clicking on the editions below.


Special Publications

Each year, boys across a range of years at Newington College have the opportunity to submit their best works of prose, art and literature from the year to New Enigma. Both written and edited by the boys.