Newington College


Once a student leaves the College they become part of an extensive Old Newingtonian network.

Welcome to the Newington College ONU Alumni Community

This prestigious community consists of many extraordinary and accomplished ONU Alumni worldwide.

Each Newington College student is forever connected by their shared college journey, experiences and purpose of ‘Discovering What’s Possible’ during their formative Newington College years.

Being part of the Newington College Alumni community presents you with the opportunity to access the vast network of your fellow alumni from around the world, build your career connections, share your skills and remain connected to Newington College.

Newington’s Alumni outreach and engagement initiatives are driven primarily through the Newington Office of Community and Development on behalf of the Old Newingtonian’s Union (ONU) and The 70 Club.

Find out more about the ways our alumni connect with one another below.

Share your Story

The stories and achievements of our Old Newingtonians are a constant source of inspiration for our current students and to our Newington community. Help us keep abreast of your achievements by sharing your stories with us.

Update your details

Let us know of any changes in your personal contact information that you would like the Alumni Office to be aware of.

Help build our Archives

You can help to develop the College’s rich collection of archives and heritage materials.

Old Newingtonians and former staff and their families are encouraged to consider donating documents, photographs and objects relating to their association with Newington for preservation and use as part of the College Archives.

Admissions for Old Newingtonians

The College recognises the valuable contribution to our community made by inter-generational family connection. The Admissions department is available to discuss enrolment enquiries for any children of Old Newingtonians.

Baptisms for children and grandchildren of Old Newingtonians

For baptism dates, please contact