Newington College

Alumni Awards

Celebrating the achievements of our Alumni

Newington Medal and ONU Centennial Trust

Many individuals and families have made outstanding contributions to the welfare and future of the College through their voluntary support and participation in college life during and often beyond their children’s schooling.

Newington Medal

An initiative of the College Council, the Newington Medal was first awarded in December 2006 and is the most prestigious Award the College can bestow on an Old Newingtonian. Meritorious and commendable achievement is assessed on the:

  • recipient’s contribution to his nominated field of endeavour
  • extent to which the recipient’s contribution has benefited the community
  • benefit derived by Newington through the recipient’s contribution to the life and future of the College

The Newington Medal recognises Old Newingtonians whose services and contributions have made a significant difference to the welfare and future of the College and to the quality of life of Australians or to humanity in other countries around the world. By awarding the Newington Medal the College aims to:

  • acknowledge alumni who have sustained the College’s vision through their post-school achievements
  • encourage greater association by Old Newingtonians in the life, values and history of the College
  • Identify Old Newingtonians who are exceptional role models for current students.

Medal Criteria, Nominations and Recipients

If you would like further information in relation to the Newington Medal, please contact the Community and Development Office or telephone (02) 9568 9374.

ONU Centennial Trust

The Trust recognises and financially rewards Old Newingtonians who have excelled in their chosen field and who contribute in a meaningful way to the community.

The Trust awards funds in the order of $10,000 – $20,000 in any one year to up to four recipients so they may undertake study or research.

To be eligible, applicants must have completed at least one year of Senior School at Newington College. There is no age restriction although preference is given to applicants under 40 years of age.

Trust Criteria, Applications and Recipients

If you would like further information in relation to the ONU Centennial Trust, please contact the Community and Development Office by email: or telephone (02) 9568 9374.