Newington College


  • Start Date
    Thursday, 5 May 2022
  • End Date
    Friday, 20 May 2022
  • Time
  • Location
    Concordia Gallery

Guided by New Social Artist in Residence Andrew Liversidge’s studio practice, Year 11 Visual Arts students have spent Term 1 immersed in research initiated from personal observation and developed into a system of art.

We are impressed with how our students have sought out questions relevant to their lives to make meaningful drawing, sculpture, installation, video, performance and wall texts. Some of the inquiries students processed include: Can my social interruptions be generative? How do my aesthetic values compare to those around me? Do the micro movements in my aquarium relate to the outside world, and how?

Andrew Liversidge is a significant contemporary artist whose artworks meticulously model and transform ideas into visually and ideologically striking sculptures, videos and installations. While in residency in Concordia studio, students were encouraged to engage with his practice, benefitting from his quick-witted approach to art-making and conversing about the contested roles of artist, gallery and production in their own art-making.

We are excited to share Liversidge’s open studio alongside this exhibition, showing new work in progress that engages with the concept of the artist as viewer, and presents systems that account for the world as it is observed and experienced.

Find out more about the exhibition and artists here.

Image: Leo Bell, Inside and Outside the Aquarium, 2022, still