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Remote Learning Survival Guide

Remote Learning Survival Guide

Being away from the College is far from ideal, but we’re lucky to have a great collection of resources here at Newington to help us learn throughout difficult circumstances. So, we’ve collected our favourite tips and tricks from teachers across the campuses to help make remote learning that little bit easier…

“Some advice would be to maintain a strong support network which inspires you and holds you accountable during these times. Make sure to spend time with your loved ones as you’ll look back at this period and be glad you gave time to those closest to you.”
Ms Angela Koulouris (Stanmore)

“Ask lots of questions – things often need more clarification when online and asking questions helps you and your peers. Actively participate – the more you put in, the more you will get out of each lesson”
Ms Foster (Stanmore)

“Our morning routine starts with a bike ride or run before returning home for breakfast. The morning exercise seems to help the kids settle into morning classroom sessions.”
Ms Chan (Lindfield Prep)

“Lockdown is like a storm. You need to anchor down whilst it is raging, but it will pass and the sea will be calm once more!”
Mr Light (Stanmore)

“Have your computer face a window… This has two effects – your face is illuminated (so too is work when you need to present it), and every 10 minutes or so you can look out the window and exercise your eyes.”
Ms Heaume (Stanmore)

“Mini boot camp activities and challenges – how many star jumps and push ups in 60 secs sprinkled through the day also helps maintain concentration.”
Mrs Edwards (Lindfield Prep)

“Go to bed and get up early. Go for a walk, a run or a ride. Do something of interest you would never otherwise do – and be nice to your family!”
Mr Hall (Stanmore)

“Print out your daily schedule the day before, including all resources you need for the lessons, and have a drink bottle ready to ensure you are well hydrated. Keep a journal of how you are coping and any questions you have each day to share with your mentor, class teacher or parents.”
Mr Baker (Wyvern House)

“We are listening to a couple of audio books, just to have some easy down time together that is nice for tired parents and boys.”
Mrs Aleca Bradshaw (Lindfield Prep)

“Have a notebook page nearby to quickly jot down admin notes like a timetable for the day, a to-do list, any follow up or prep work”
Mr Oosterhoff (Stanmore)

And finally, a few helpful tips from your Stanmore Senior School Leaders…

“Switch up your study space over the week (if possible, study outside)”

“Try, after school, to stay off devices, and instead do something competitive with siblings of parents (sport is often the best option here).”

“Follow Mr Walsh’s Morning Routine, which involves some mindfulness activities and stretching, to get that mental clarity needed before Zoom.”