Newington College offers a broad range of scholarships for boys of potential from all backgrounds. Our scholarships program is focused on social justice in education. We look forward to receiving your son's application.


Newington College provides a range of scholarship options to boys with potential in general and specific areas.

In turn, we are looking for scholarship applicants who have: 

  • strong academic ability or potential, with good reports that reflect effort and solid references from their school
  • sound character traits and a potential to lead
  • a willingness to participate in a variety of educational and school-related activities
  • evidence that they enjoy active participation and achievement in his co-curricular program, eg sport, visual arts, drama, music, debating or service learning projects (community service).

Applying for Scholarships

All boys applying for a Newington College scholarship must sit the scholarship examination.

Applications for 2024 scholarships have now closed.

Information about the kinds of scholarships Newington offers is below.

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