Q&A with English, Philosophy and Religious Studies Teacher David Conway

February 22, 2021 To Newington students, David Conway is an erudite teacher of English, Philosophy and Religious Studies. Scratch the surface and there’s much, much more. Tell us about your background as an archaeologist. How did that happen and where did it take … read more

Q&A with Head of Moulton house and PDHPE teacher Steve Muir

June 19, 2020 This month’s teacher spotlight is on Newington jack-of-all-trades Steve Muir. Mr Muir is our New Zealand born and bred Head of Moulton House and one of our PDHPE teachers. On weekends, he transforms into a master of music, enjoying jam … read more

Year 6 Wyvern student Jed Robertson uncovers Newington family history

June 9, 2020 Year 6 Wyvern student Jed Robertson recounts the moment he found out about his Newington family history. During my COVID isolation, I had to sit at the dining table and eat dinner with my parents every night. It was extremely … read more

Q&A with Head of Languages Marnie Foster

May 26, 2020 Marnie Foster is Head of Languages at our senior campus in Stanmore. Ms Foster decided to move to Sydney to work at Newington as it is ‘a college that values language learning as part of holistic education. A place where … read more

2020 Tupou College Container Appeal

February 21, 2020 As part of Newington College’s long relationship with Tupou College in Tonga, we are again launching the Tupou College Container appeal. This initiative has been extremely successful in the past and we are now in the process of collecting resources … read more

Q&A with Leigh Capel (ON 2005)

February 19, 2020 In a former life, working at Sotheby’s, Leigh Capel (ON 2005) brushed sand off Russell Crowe’s Romper Stomper boots, took auction bids for US television host John Oliver and told a collector one of his most prized possessions was worthless. … read more

Q&A with David King

October 14, 2019 David King is a Year 6 teacher and Director of Administration at Wyvern House, one of Newington College’s two prep schools. He has been at Newington College for five years. He recently organised the Adventure Film Festival held on our … read more

HSC Drama Expo

September 25, 2019 Congratulations to our HSC Drama boys who presented their group and individual projects at the HSC Drama Expo on Monday 16 September. A special mention to Finn Hoegh-Guldberg, Joshua MacFarlane, Alec O’Shea, Louis Pidcock and Jaga Yap who had their … read more

Q&A with Karen Lak

August 22, 2019 Our Assistant Head of Mathematics, Karen Lak, has been at Newington College since 2007. In addition to her role as a teacher, she also leads the F1 in Schools program on the Senior Campus. Her passions outside of school are … read more

A lesson for Le Couteur: Valuing hard work for the sake of others

June 12, 2019 On Thursday 21 March, eight Year 10 Le Couteur boys with the supervision of Mr Potter travelled to the Exodus Foundation in Ashfield to serve food to people who are worse off than ourselves. This experience was the first time … read more

Celebrating 150 Years of Rugby at Newington

June 12, 2019 On Friday 31 May, over 375 guests (a record attendance) came together at Dockside Darling Harbour for the Newington College Rugby Association Season Lunch to celebrate ‘150 Years of Rugby at Newington’. Gordan Bray AM and Justin Sampson were the … read more

Careers Expo 2019

May 16, 2019 Three Careers events will take place on Tuesday 4 June. Year 10,11 and 12 boys and parents are invited to attend.  5.45pm – 7.30pm – P&F Careers Expo in Centenary Hall 6.30pm – 8.30pm – ONU Careers Advice Evening in Tupou College … read more