LitFest 2019

May 16, 2019 Last week, the 9th biennial Literature Festival (LitFest) was held at Newington College. Aimed at encouraging young people to take part in the adventure of books and reading, the Festival was held over three days to give students the opportunity … read more

2019 Tupou College Container Appeal

May 6, 2019 As part of Newington College’s long relationship with Tupou College in Tonga, we are again launching the Tupou College Container appeal. This initiative is supported by Gullivers Sport Travel and has been extremely successful in the past, and we are … read more

Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 26, 2019 At an all boys school, Newington students seldom hear what girls themselves have to say about what International Women’s Day means to them. In the week of International Women’s Day, Newington boys from Years 10-12 joined senior girls from MLC … read more

The essence of Easter

March 26, 2019 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. (Mark 10:45) With the Easter celebration fast approaching, the chapel message has turned to the … read more

Senior Production: ‘Love and Information’

March 5, 2019 Confused? That was kind of the point! Last week the Senior Production Love and Information by Caryl Churchill, took place in the Drama theatre. An ambitious project involving boys from Years 11 and 12, and girls from PLC Sydney, the show was … read more

Clean Up Australia Day

March 5, 2019 Newington College is committed to supporting Clean Up Australia Day but this year we were impressed and overwhelmed by how many students were keen to give up their Sunday morning for such a good cause. Over 180 students from all … read more

Nepal Tour 2018/2019

February 13, 2019 As Toni Morrison once said, “At some point in life the world’s beauty becomes enough. You don’t need to photograph, paint, or even remember it. It is enough”. For three weeks, the beauty of Nepal certainly was enough for the students … read more

Mathematics Mindset

February 13, 2019 Year 7 have just experienced their first Growth Mindset Week in Mathematics. Instead of beginning the year with what you may recall from your high school days as ‘the history of number’ with Roman numerals and the basics of our … read more

Understanding adolescent risk taking

December 7, 2018 As we head toward the summer holidays, our hearts and minds turn towards taking a breath, relaxing and for those of us lucky enough, taking advantage of some time-out from our busy lives. For our boys, the extra downtime can … read more

2018 Junior Production – Luke Lloyd: Alienoid

December 7, 2018 Congratulations to the cast and crew of the 2018 Junior Production, Luke Lloyd: Alienoid, which was performed in the Drama Theatre last week. For many of the year 7 and 8 boys involved, this was their first production and all … read more

“In white and black, we’ve got your back”

November 21, 2018 On Wednesday, 14 November the Newington College’s Senior Leaders revealed the motto for 2019 during Assembly. “In white and black, we’ve got your back”. Its aim is to promote support for one another, and a significant part of that will focus … read more

Science success for Kelvin Du

November 21, 2018 As part of their International Baccalaureate (IB) program, students are required to conduct an Internal Assessment (IA) for each subject. In Physics, as with the other sciences, this involves conducting an extended laboratory investigation to produce a comprehensive formal report … read more