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Golden Ticket day

June 8, 2023 On Friday I got stuck into my third ‘Golden Ticket’ day at Newington. This is where a student – who is chosen from a digital draw – gets to have me come to all their classes for the whole day, … read more

Inspired minds – curiosity and awe

February 2, 2023 Image: Hubble’s deep field – they are all galaxies (and just the tiniest fraction of them) made up of hundreds of billions of stars.    You may have heard the comparison between the number of stars in the universe and … read more

Black Comedy lights up the stage

August 4, 2022 The directors of Newington College’s first ever student-directed play admit their respect for their drama teachers has gone through the roof. They are driving a cast from Newington, MLC School and Burwood Girls at break-neck pace toward a successful two-night … read more

Lessons from a refugee family

June 14, 2022 Imagine your father leaving his conflict-riddled homeland in a boat for a distant country to seek a brighter future for you and your family. Pakistan-born brothers Ali Reza (Year 11), Hassan (Year 9) and Ali Sena (Year 8) Hossaini don’t … read more

A bid of good luck from Old Boy Sebastian Iannuzzi (ON 2016)

February 25, 2022 Accomplished in academics, sport and a range of co-curricular activities, Sebastian Iannuzzi (ON 2016) graduated as a certified all-rounder. He returned to the College to speak to the Class of 2021 at their Academic Excellence assembly about the cost of … read more

A reflection on 2021 from Senior Prefect Aiden Carter

December 15, 2021 At our 2021 Prize Giving, 2022 Senior Prefect Aiden Carter reflected on the ups and downs we’ve faced as a global and school community. Below is a transcript of his speech.   It’s been another crazy year. One of lockdowns, … read more

Q&A with Wyvern Visual Arts Teacher Meredith Buining

November 22, 2021 Meredith Buining is an artist and visual arts teacher at Wyvern House, Newington College’s prep school at Stanmore. She is passionate about the arts and how they can nourish lives. Let’s learn why she thinks the visual arts culture is strong … read more

The history of Newington’s Houses

October 28, 2021 Start of the House system At the 1931 Speech Day, the new Headmaster, Philip Le Couteur, announced that a House system would be introduced, as part of a range of innovations, with a competition shield presented by a parent, Mr … read more

How we behave when no one is watching

October 6, 2021 The Ethics Club is open to students in Years 8 to 10 and immerses boys in complex ethical concepts through collaborative dialogue. Earlier this year the club considered topics such as love, consequences and what we do when no one is watching. So, what do you do when no one is watching? … read more