Fostering Emotional Diversity in Boys

June 27, 2018 Newington prides itself on providing an educational environment and culture that promotes and celebrates both diversity and inclusion. Although I have just begun my journey here, I can already see evidence of this imbued in conversations, customs, practices and procedures … read more

The Magic of Rock

June 27, 2018 The contemporary music program at Newington College is a truly magical thing. Picture this…Centenary Hall, flashing all the different colours you can think of, light bouncing off the walls. Boys and girls jumping up and down, screaming their enjoyment at … read more

Thank you! Red Shield Appeal 2018

June 15, 2018 Sydney turned on a magnificent sunny Autumn day on Sunday, 27 May for the annual Red Shield Appeal. A ‘Newington Army’ of over 300 boys, 75 Parents and staff drivers, joined forces with a team of volunteers from the Salvos … read more

Cars in classrooms

June 15, 2018 I have 20 boys in my senior Economics class, all with their own laptop. What proportion of them do you think have screensavers of images of cars?  I am not sure the answer would be different had I done a … read more

From the Head of Stanmore

May 25, 2018 Sunday, March 25 will remain etched in the minds of many Australian sports lovers as one of those moments that challenges, and potentially changes, perspective.  It was the day when the captain of our National cricket team, Steve Smith, Vice … read more

Making the News

May 25, 2018 Between the 2nd and 4th of May the Making the News class was assigned the job of reporting on various STEM Festival events. The class had been taught many journalistic skills that would assist us in covering the event, but … read more

Before the ELC

April 3, 2018 For ‘old hands’ at Newington, the site of our new Early Learning Centre is remembered as ‘Mary Andrews House’ or ‘Braeside’. These enigmatic names give just a hint of the site’s long institutional history, of which Newington’s ELC is the … read more

New Swim to Success

April 3, 2018 The Newington Swim Team completed the GPS season on Friday 23 March with a fantastic night of racing at SOPAC. The swimmers conjured up some amazing performances, which ultimately resulted in a GPS Senior Swimming Premiership and a GPS Open … read more

A Gratitude Attitude: re-wiring your brain for the better

March 6, 2018 All of us know the spontaneous emotional boost that comes with being on the receiving end of a random act of kindness, finding an encouraging message from someone, being given a compliment by a colleague, family member or stranger, receiving … read more

Guys and Dolls by the Numbers

March 6, 2018 The Newington College Drama Department held three spectacular performances of the musical Guys and Dolls on March 1, 2 and 3 in the Parade Theatre at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. Bravo to the talented cast and crew! Here is … read more

Tupou College Cyclone Relief Container Appeal

March 1, 2018 Newington College has launched a major relief effort for its brother school Tupou College, which suffered major infrastructure damage when Cyclone Gita hit Tonga last week. A 20-foot shipping container will arrive at Newington this week, and the call has … read more

Visual Arts Students Work with Dr Ian Penn

February 14, 2018 Since February 2017, the Visual Arts IBDP students have worked in collaboration with Dr Ian Penn (ON 1970). The boys have formed a strong relationship with the artist who has assisted in their idea development and encouraged them to explore … read more