From the Headmaster

In Romans, St Paul challenges us to be “transformed by the renewing of the mind.” It is this constant process of renewal that will enable our community to nurture hearts and minds for the future.

Message from Dr David Mulford

Difference is promoted. Being yourself at your best is what we teach.

In recent years we have challenged boys to consider what it means to be a Newington man.

For boys to be life-ready when they leave Newington they need to be nurtured from boys of promise into being a man of substance. Newington remains multicultural (hence we loathe racism), multifaith (hence we honour all faith journeys), multilayered (hence all activities are of equal value and recognition), multidimensional (hence we loathe stereotyping), and so determined to focus on boys being themselves at their best (hence encourage a personal best approach).

A personal best approach to life both at school and beyond requires high expectations to be set on character development, self-discipline, effort, respect paid to others, self-worth, behaviour, courtesy, maturity, role modelling, leadership by example and resilience to the setbacks that occur along the pathway to maturity.

Newington wants boys to flourish and achieve their best, to enjoy school and learning, to learn how to learn, to work through the tough tasks or encounters, to be challenged, to build resilience, to learn from mistakes, and to be of service to others. Newington must never be a factory school, but a relational community that honours, motivates, promotes and challenges every boy regardless what his interests or abilities.

The attributes, virtues or values that have stood the test of time across the history of humanity continue to remain Newington’s core business. A Newington man can be kind, creative, humble, innovative, discerning, sensitive, respectful, caring, honest, quiet, discreet, creative, trustworthy and grateful. He can be artistic, “sporty”, learned, practical, scientific, innovative and in whatever mix that nurtures his passions.

A Newington man knows what he stands for and why. A Newington man earns his reputation by his actions and not words or promises.

"At Newington, we have always fought against stereotyping. A Newington boy can love poetry, play rugby and be a top Mathematics student."

- Dr David Mulford, Headmaster

About the Headmaster

Since joining Newington, Dr Mulford has led the College through one of its most ambitious reform programs

Dr David Mulford commenced as the 18th Headmaster of Newington College in 2009.

  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Graduate Diploma of Education
  • Masters of Education
  • Doctorate of Education
  • Fellow of the Australian College of Education (FACE)
  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors ( GAICD)

Dr Mulford has overseen the development of the new Rae and Pyke buildings in 2013 which hosts a range of world class ‘Super Science Labs’, a multi-storey library, lecture theatre and student centre. More recently, the 2016 Tupou College Centre and Drama Centre was completed.

Previous Positions

  • Principal of Radford College, ACT (2001–2008)
  • Headmaster of Blue Mountains Grammar School (1992–2000)
  • Senior Master, Director of Studies, Head of Department and Boarding Housemaster at Canberra Grammar School, ACT (1982-1991)
  • Head of Department at The Leys School, UK
  • Head of Department at The Scots College, NSW
  • Boarding Housemaster at Rockhampton Grammar, QLD

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