Sport is a proven part of the healthy development and wellbeing of adolescent boys, and is a compulsory activity for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 at Newington College.

About Sport at Newington

The Vision: To provide an internationally respected K-12 schoolboy Sports Program empowering all students to be themselves at their best

Vision, Mission and Culture

We aim for boys to:

  1. Develop character through sporting experiences
  2. Participate in enjoyable, meaningful, safe and fair competition
  3. Reach their potential and experience their personal best
  4. Create life-long, memorable moments

The Mission

To inspire our boys to be active for life and harness the power of sport to support wellbeing, develop character and make a positive contribution to society

The Culture

Positive Sport Integrates Positive Psychology theory and research into all facets of Newington’s Sports program.

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Summer Sports

• Basketball • Cricket • NewFit • Rowing • Swimming • Table Tennis • Tennis • Water Polo

Our Program Focus

Increased participation in physical activity may also lead to greater learning and better grades among students. Vigorous activity may even further enhance learning outcomes.

At Newington Sport, we focus on providing the opportunity for our boys to have a wonderful sporting experience.

This is achieved by focusing our efforts on the Process, and not the Outcomes.

The Benefits of Sport

Sport is incredibly beneficial for boys’ physical and mental health. It encourages interaction with their peer group, exposes them to good pressure and gives them the ability to learn valuable life lessons and skills. It also has physiological effects that directly impact boys’ capacity to learn more effectively and efficiently.

An increased participation in sport and other physical activity has been linked to enhanced cognitive functioning such as information processing, memory, concentration, behaviour and academic achievement.

Winter Sports

• Athletics • Cross Country • Fencing • Football • New Fit • Rifle Shooting • Rugby • Snowsports • Tennis – Winter • Volleyball

Move to Learn

Evidence shows that physical activity improves children’s cognitive functioning, concentration and on-task behaviour which can ultimately lead to greater opportunities to achieve academic success. The model for this is called “Move to Learn”.

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Sport for Brain Growth

Exercise can increase brain growth (brain-derived neurotropic factor), stimulate nerve growth and development and increase the brain’s resistance to injury. Regular physical activity is likely to provide children with the optimum physiological condition for taking full advantage of learning.


The AAGPS is an alliance of schools. Its purpose is to provide sporting experiences and weekly competition for boys within these schools that embraces the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Events include:

  • Head of the River Rowing Regatta
  • Swimming Carnivals
  • Athletics Carnivals

In addition to competing in AAGPS carnivals, weekly fixtures are organised across summer and winter seasons to cater for boys of all sporting abilities.



The majority of boys will train two afternoons per week from 3.30pm – 5pm and compete in organised fixtures on Saturday. These training sessions will be at College facilities or external venues. Newington College bus services will transport boys to and from specific offsite training venues.

Strength and Conditioning

Students are provided with individualised programs catering for their appropriate stage of training from Year 7 to 12. The main objective is to ensure that all students are capable of using their own body weight in a variety of movements, followed on by eventually learning more complex lifting techniques. Our facility has been especially designed to cater for all individuals across the College.

Our Strength and Conditioning staff are experienced in their field with particular attention to youth and adolescent development. All students from Year 7 to 12 are encouraged to use the facility to enhance their physical literacy and development.

Newington College Basketball players pose for a group shot with opposing team on the 2019 USA Basketball Tour.

Sport Tours

Boys who attend Newington have a number of exciting opportunities during their school life to tour and play boys of their age and ability in regional areas, interstate and overseas. We see this as a great opportunity to build strong relationships with their peers, learn some skills about accountability, experience different communities and cultures and create some life long memories.

Examples of tours include:

  • UK Cricket Tour
  • European Football Tour
  • Rugby World Cup Tour
  • USA Basketball Tour
  • Interstate Water Polo Tour

Talented Athlete Sports Program

As part of TASP, we develop individual programs tailored for each boy and encourage a balanced approach to help boys reach their full potential –in both sport and in the academic, wellbeing and social aspects of their lives. Guest speakers are invited to present and there is a coordinated approach in managing a boy’s programs and time demands.

Newington student competing in an athletics event

Sport News

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