From the Head of Stanmore

The Head of Stanmore, and Deputy Headmaster of Newington College, Mr David Roberts, commenced in this role in 2016. He moved to Sydney with his young family to take up this position, coming from leadership roles in some of the most prestigious schools in Melbourne.

Head of Stanmore, David Roberts, teaches a Stanmore campus class

Why I teach

When meeting people the question is often asked “what do you do?”, with the simple response being “I teach”. Yet beneath those two words is a veritable maze.

I have loved my job as a teacher from the first day I started in a classroom at Caulfield Grammar School in Victoria, through to the subsequent leadership roles that have enabled me to be active in shaping the education of teenagers.  Good schools are vibrant environments that constantly challenge thinking.

Diversity is the attraction

The diversity in education has been an attraction. My love of the outdoors and the chance for a different educational experience prompted my move from Caulfield Grammar to Geelong Grammar's Timbertop campus, and then on to be a Senior School Boarding Housemaster at Geelong Grammar’s main campus. The nature of a Boarding environment is something that adds a dimension to the student body, regardless of whether the student is a boarder or a day boy.

My journey as a teacher

I have been fortunate to have been part of four exceptional schools. In the early years, inspirational mentors helped ground me, shaping my pedagogy—the ‘how’ I teach. More recently my leadership roles in these schools have provided the avenue to explore a vision for education practice that is fundamental to me—the ‘why’ I teach.

My appointment as Head of Senior School at St Leonard’s, a Uniting Church School in Brighton, Victoria, moved my prime responsibility from the building of a familial culture within a Boarding House, to the explicit growing of the academic culture. Whilst the two roles could read on paper as quite different, the benefit of their diversity has ensured I know that in shaping education practice in a school a teenager’s well being and his academic potential are not mutually exclusive. Again, I had the opportunity to challenge ideas and to institute change due to the school’s excellent foundation.

My family and I live on campus at Newington College, and it has become a familiar environment that enables me to share the excitement I have in regard to my vision. As an educator I have always been aware of Newington and the ethos and values of Newington closely align with my own approach to education.