The Founders Building is an icon facing east to the sea, set above the Johnson and Buchanan ovals at the Stanmore 7-12 Campus.

All-Round Education

The College Council has invested in providing the physical resources we need to nurture our goals.
  • Stanmore 7–12 is a non-selective, multi-stream school for boys
  • We have 1,330 boys
  • There are 50 boarders
  • The Newington Learner Profile is our Learning and Teaching Framework

Newington Learner Profile:

  • Self-directed (independent, responsible, resilient)
  • Inquisitive (creative, collaborative, passionate)
  • Reflective (engaged, ethical, critical)

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Our Co-curricular Options

The Co-curricular program gives boys opportunities to excel beyond the classroom, to explore their passions and be adventurous.

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Room to Roam

Our state-of-the-art Sporting Facilities were built to bring our innovative Sport program to life.

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Specialty Facilities

The world of Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Design and Technology and Science offers some of the most cutting-edge technologies and amenities available to secondary students.

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Place to Learn and Grow

Teaching boys is at the heart of what we do at Newington. Our Learning and Teaching model is student-centered with a focus on the individual boy and his needs.

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Sport at New

We believe Sport not only teaches character building life lessons, but enhances cognitive function in teenage boys.

Sport is a vital part of College life at Newington. It’s important to the boys’ wellbeing, personal sense of achievement, camaraderie not to mention enjoyment and sense of belonging.

  • Sport is compulsory for all Year 7 to Year 12 boys
  • There are Summer and Winter seasons
  • Newington competes with other schools within the Greater Public Schools Association (AAGPS)

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Campus Grounds

The Stanmore 7-12 Campus is a 25 acre oasis. The fields are free for the boys to run and play on at lunch throughout the year and provide our home grounds for AAGPS Cricket in the summer and Rugby and Football in the winter.

Co-curricular Options

Our broad Co-curricular program offers boys the chance to try out a range of activities within a normal school day. We are a school which encourages a balance between academic achievement, personal development and social responsibility learnt through co-curricular activities.

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Innovation and Technology

We’re passionate about the boys we teach and keen to engage them with innovative learning materials. We hope to enrich the classroom experience by using online tools and applications. Newington is a place where boys experience authentic, collaborative and creative learning—using the latest information and communication technologies.

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Our Focus on Wellbeing

The Wellbeing program at Newington is a partnership program between parents, teachers and boys. We have designed programs for each year group which together aim to give boys the tools to deal with good and bad aspects of both school life and life beyond Newington.

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Spirituality and Ethics

We are a school built on values of egalitarianism and equality. As a Uniting Church school, we welcome students and families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. We are sensitive to the rites and rituals of each religious and cultural group and see each boy and family as unique in their needs. The College has a Chapel available for reflection and a chaplaincy team to provide guidance.

The Centre for Ethics

Each year the Centre for Ethics holds a public lecture series freely available to the boys, families and the public. The series provides a forum for challenging, topical and provocative ideas involving society, politics, morality and culture to be discussed.

Past topics include:

  • Drone technology
  • Neuroplasticity and the effect of technology on the brain,
  • Religion today
  • Philosophy and Comedy

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Day in the Life of a Boarder

Boarding at Newington's is a unique and special experience. On arrival, boys become part of the Newington College Boarding Family - a tight knit group of boys, staff and their family members. It's not unusual to celebrate a birthday together, to watch a game on a night off and to visit friends as they represent the Black and White in Sport, Visual Arts, Drama and more.

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