Co-Curricular K-6

Our boys are encouraged from an early age to become involved in co-curricular activities to expand their interests and broaden their opportunities.

Beyond the Classroom

The benefits of participation in co-curricular activities:

  • Support the physical, cultural, spiritual and mental development of a boy
  • Allow every boy to discover his own passions and interests through structured programs
  • Give boys the opportunity to engage with a broad range of ideas, teachers and outside groups that add richness to the school day

There are various activities on offer after school hours throughout the year both at the Wyvern campus and at the Stanmore 7-12 campus.

Co-curricular Options

  • Chess lessons, an interschool Chess competition and a Chess club
  • Art club
  • ICT club
  • Greek lessons
  • Martial Arts Lessons
  • Environmental club
  • Robotics club
  • Individual coaching in Swimming and Tennis—available through the Senior School campus.


Sport is not only a great way of getting our boys outside, but teaches what it means to be part of a team, how to cooperate with others, and learn leadership skills. Our Mission in Sport is to help boys appreciate sport as a life-long interest and encourage them to show good sportsmanship and 'Wyvern Spirit'.

Value in good Sportsmanship

The Sport Cultural Framework that apples to all boys from Kindergarten to Year 12 outlines the character traits that we aim for Wyvern boys to develop through the powerful learning experience of sport. These skills transfer to other aspects of school life and have real-life applications once boys leave the College.


  • Have Fun
  • Encourage each other
  • Participate with Passion
  • Be Positive


  • Be keen to Learn
  • Challenge yourself
  • Teach others
  • Lead by example

Hard Work

  • Commitment to working hard for each other
  • Personal and team Discipline on and off the field
  • Personal Best Effort at all times
  • An Attitude that respects the value of hard work


  • Learn to Trust yourself and each other
  • TEAMwork – Together Everyone Achieves More
  • Enjoy the Mateship in good time and bad
  • Have Pride in your beliefs and what you stand for


  • Courage under duress
  • Physical and Mental Stamina to keep going when it gets tough
  • Determination to achieve what you set out to achieve
  • Persistence in life


  • Be Honest with yourself and others, have the hard conversation
  • Live life with Integrity
  • Always show Humility in success and defeat
  • Have Empathy for others


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Skills Development Clinics

Additional coaching is provided through Skill Development Programs in Basketball, Cricket, Football, Rugby and Tennis.

a Prep student runs with the ball on the rugby oval

Sports Offered

Summer: Basketball, Cricket, Softball, Teeball and Tennis

Winter: Rugby and Football


  • Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals
  • Swimming squad
  • Learn to Swim classes
  • Aquatics Water Safety programme
  • AFL
  • Futsal
  • Water Polo
  • Martial Arts
  • Holiday Camps for Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Football and Rugby

Stanmore K–6 holds annual Winter and Summer Inter-House competitions in Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Teeball / Softball, Football and Rugby. Additionally, Wyvern is also involved in a number of yearly fixtures and carnivals with the Lindfield campus.

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Music and Creative Arts

Music and creative arts provide an avenue for boys to explore their talents and passions outside the traditional classroom.

Co-curricular Music

Our aim is for all boys to discover a love of music and to find an instrument that they particularly enjoy playing.

Wyvern offers a number of ensembles for budding young musicians to develop a feeling for playing as part of a group. Wyvern Strings, Winds and Percussion are the largest of these ensembles. The Dragonetti Ensemble gives our younger boys an introduction to Strings at Newington and is designed for boys in their first or second year of learning an instrument. For our young singers and choristers, the Wyvern and Stage Choirs provide boys an opportunity to develop their voices and perform.

While co-curricular music involvement is not a requirement at Wyvern, many of our boys take advantage of our extensive tuition programs and ensembles. Private tuition is available for piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, clarinet, saxophone, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, euphonium, guitar and percussion.


Each boy who is learning privately participates in an ensemble when he has reached the appropriate standard. The ensembles supplement and extend the work covered in private lessons, and also provide the opportunity for performance at various concerts arranged during the year.

Music Program

Boys in Year 2 learn to play a stringed instrument. In Year 3, boys can move on to wind and brass instruments.