IB Highlights

perfect score

Excellence in the IB

Outstanding Achievers

These students achieved 40 IB points or higher (ATAR equivalent of 97.5 or above)

Adi Apana

Aidan Giordan

Aiden Carter

Aiden Love

Andre Gregory

Anton Lising

Ben Hazell

David Upcroft

Felix Wild

Harshvardhan Khandekar

Ikey Allen

Joel Goh

Kyan McLean

Liam Carriline

Oliver Short

Ryan Goldschmidt

Ryan McPhail

Sam Jackson

Thomas Osborne

Toby Stepto

William Sun

Zac McCutcheon

Zachary Au Yeung

Andre Gregory

A note from Andre Gregory – 2022 IB Dux

The IB was a rollercoaster to say the least. Knocking over the high volume of work required consistent endeavour and some degree of discipline to keep me on track, which was especially important during the second year of the IB to ensure my knowledge and understanding of the subjects was up to scratch.

My biggest mistake throughout this journey was neglecting the first year, such that I only prioritised 2-3 subjects in Year 11 and didn’t consistently address my weaknesses in certain areas such as my Literature Paper 1s. This only increased the workload dramatically for the following year which could’ve easily been prevented with regular revision of the content over the two years. It was only after I was on top of my tasks when I could then enjoy learning new content since I wasn’t hampered by an overdue list of work.

One thing which helped me to effectively overcome the content was the consistent use of active recall (Anki) throughout the entire year to enhance my understanding of the subjects, with heavy use of the textbook for mathematics and regular reading/essay practice for English. It was important for me to identify a time-efficient and goal-directed way of studying early on due to the IB being very content-heavy, and a way in which I could retain the knowledge even during periods of writing the EE/IAs. The IB can be a very fun and rewarding experience provided you stay consistent, have a clear end-goal, and manage your time effectively; you have more time for yourself than you think.

A note from William Sun – 2022 IB Dux

Truthfully, for me, Year 12 wasn’t too far off what is stereotypically expected of it. It was very much a frenetic, but exciting time that swept past in an instant. It was empowering, yet deeply humbling. Still, in many ways, it was much like previous years. I continued to try new things, take time off and appreciate life. I loved speaking at debates, going for long walks, making music, leading a platoon on cadet camp, and spending time with others. I definitely kept busy; times did get confusing, exhausting and frustrating, but ultimately, I can now say it was well worth it.

Certainly, I am utterly privileged to have any number of these opportunities, both within the College and without, in particular, given the chaotic and unpredictable state of the world. Still, I am taken aback upon reflection of a high school journey totally done and dusted with. However, in all its trials and tribulations, it has instilled me with hope and optimism of what is yet to come. I farewell this time, by no means as a wise man, but perhaps as someone a little less foolish than the boy who first stepped through those front gates.

William Sun

HSC Highlights

First place in course

Students who achieved the highest place in an HSC course


Tyler Kang
English Extension 2

Top Achievers

Students who achieved one of the highest places in an HSC course or VET examination and also achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or Band E4)


James Andrews
8th in NSW for Earth and Environmental Science

John Koumoulas
5th in NSW for Modern Greek Continuers (studied through NSW School of Languages)

Jake Weinstein
4th in NSW for Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

All Round Achievers

Students who achieved a result in the highest band possible (Band 6 or Band E4) in 10 or more units of study


Tyler Kang

Connor Plank

Noteworthy achievements

ARTEXPRESS An exhibition of exemplary artworks created by students for the HSC in Visual Arts

Angus Moses
‘The Old Man from the Sea’, nominated for inclusion.

Oscar Tentij
‘Cladonia Rangiferina’, selected for inclusion at Hazelhurst Arts Centre.

OnSTAGE A showcase of exemplary performances and projects by HSC Drama students

George Evans
Individual Project: Scriptwriting, ‘How to Lift a Metal Beam’, selected for exhibition at the Seymour Centre.

William Hyland-Falle
Individual Project: Poster Promotion, ‘Death and the Maiden’, selected for exhibition at the Seymour Centre.

Oscar Tentij
Individual Performance, ‘The Maniac’, nominated for inclusion.

William Naufahu
Individual Project: Poster Promotion, ‘Death of a Salesman’, nominated for inclusion.

Nicholas Wandmaker
Individual Project: Director’s Folio, ‘Black Diggers’, nominated for exhibition at the Seymour Centre.

Angus Dunstan, George Evans, Lucas Hatch, Oscar Tentij and Edward Timpson
Group Performance, ‘The Human Kingdom’, nominated for inclusion.

ENCORE A showcase of exemplary performances and compositions by HSC Music students

Gabriel Straesser
Music 1 performance program on clarinet, nominated for inclusion.

InTech An exhibition of outstanding Major Projects developed by HSC Industrial Technology students

Fletcher Hunt
‘Tambour Desk’, nominated for inclusion.

James McGregor
‘Walnut Entertainment Unit’, nominated for inclusion.

Jaydon Viliamu
‘Letter Desk’, nominated for inclusion.

VET Excellence Awards

Angus Whiteman
VET Excellence Award in Construction Pathways.

Australian Wood Review, Maker of the Year Awards 2022

Fletcher Hunt
‘Tambour Desk’, Highly Commended Award.

Excellence in the HSC

Distinguished Achievers

These students achieved a band 6 or E4 in one or more subjects

Abrahim Ali
History Extension

James Andrews
Earth and Environmental Science, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Lucas Bardsley
Mathematics Advanced

Edward Barton
Mathematics Standard 2

Sebastian Baudille
Design and Technology

Charlie Burnett

Robert Clinton
Business Studies, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Advanced

William Connor
English Extension 1, Modern History

Oscar Cuttance
Studies of Religion II

Luca Di Cristo

Nicholas Disher
English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Latin Extension

Sam Donaldson
English Extension 1, English Extension 2

Angus Dunstan
Earth and Environmental Science

George Evans

Torin Fogarty
Mathematics Standard 2

Archie Gillies
Mathematics Standard 2

William Graham
Mathematics Advanced

Lachlan Griffiths
History Extension, Visual Arts

Max Gunning
Legal Studies, History Extension

Charles Guthrie

Blaise Harvey-Palmer
Mathematics Standard 2

Lucas Hatch

Lucas Head
English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Visual Arts

Edward Hogg
Legal Studies

Campbell Howe
English Extension 1

Fletcher Hunt
Industrial Technology

William Hyland-Falle
Drama, Mathematics Standard 2, Visual Arts

Mitchell Hyslop
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Lachlan Jackson
Biology, English Advanced

Wilson Jenkins
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Angelo Kambos
English Extension 2, Modern Greek Beginners

Tyler Kang
Earth and Environmental Science, English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Geography, Visual Arts

Patrick Kosmas
Modern Greek Beginners

John Koumoulas
English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced, Latin Extension, Modern Greek Continuers

Antony Litsas
Mathematics Advanced, Music 1

Thomas Maclean
Mathematics Advanced

Oliver Matison
Biology, Geography

Daniel Maxwell
Earth and Environmental Science

James McGregor
Industrial Technology, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Lewis McIntosh
Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2

Timothy Moore
Mathematics Standard 2

Angus Moses
Design and Technology, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Visual Arts

William Naufahu
Drama, English Advanced

Oliver Nicholas
Construction Examination

Dominic Novati
Earth and Environmental Science, Music 1

Alexander Papadopoulos

Connor Plank
Chemistry, Engineering Studies, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Extension 2, Physics

Oscar Reinitz
Information Processes and Technology, Mathematics Advanced

William Reiter
Mathematics Advanced

Nicholas Samios
Business Studies, Geography, Mathematics Standard 2

Noah Sherratt
Visual Arts

Gus Small
English Advanced, Mathematics Advanced

William Smith
Mathematics Standard 2

Lucas Socratous
English Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1, Mathematics Advanced

Thomas Spencer
Business Studies

Gabriel Straesser
Music 1

Caleb Strawbridge
Mathematics Extension 1, Music 1

Henry Taylor
Visual Arts

Oscar Tentij
Drama, English Advanced, History Extension, Visual Arts

Edward Timpson
Drama, Music 1

Lloyd Toogood
English Advanced, English Extension 1, English Extension 2, Modern History

Jeremy Waldon
Earth and Environmental Science, Mathematics Advanced

Nicholas Wandmaker

Jake Weinstein
English Advanced, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Edson Whattam
Modern History

Finn Williams
Business Studies, Modern History, History Extension

Connor Plank

A note from Connor Plank – 2022 HSC Dux


During my time at Newington, I always valued the education and classroom relationships the most, but I think that during Year 12, everyone’s attitude changes and teachers respect the students more, making it both the most stressful and most enjoyable year of the high school experience.

The thing that I appreciated most from Newington is the choice that they offered me in my subject selection. I was allowed to choose the subjects I wanted to do, meaning that I did not have to dread any period. Furthermore, the teachers that Newington provided me were all the best I could have asked for. The relationships that I developed with them over the last two years were genuinely rewarding and allowed me to extract even more from the classroom.

Whether it was Dr Hall’s colloquial way of explaining some of the most complicated physics concepts I have ever come across or Mr Davies’ animated explanation of some obscure chemical exception, they all made the learning experience an enjoyable one that I must say, I will miss.

2022 Senior Prefect Aiden Carter reflects on his final year


Year 12 is an exciting year with lots of academic, co-curricular and personal opportunities. Being involved in a lot of activities, I feel that I have developed new skills that will set me up for the future and enabled me to strengthen my relationships with both students and staff.

Year 12 is rewarding because you are given more responsibility and have the ability to contribute to positive change throughout the wider community. I have been grateful for the encouragement and care of the teachers and students, and this has really gotten me through the year – it’s a good reminder to reach out to others to check they’re okay.

Aiden Carter

Please join Us in congratulating all the boys on a wonderful year of achievements!

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