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A lesson for Le Couteur: Valuing hard work for the sake of others

A lesson for Le Couteur: Valuing hard work for the sake of others

On Thursday 21 March, eight Year 10 Le Couteur boys with the supervision of Mr Potter travelled to the Exodus Foundation in Ashfield to serve food to people who are worse off than ourselves. This experience was the first time that Year 10 students have been involved with food preparation and service. It was tough but rewarding work. We felt the gratitude of the other volunteers and the people we served. We learned an important lesson, to value hard work for the sake of others. In addition, the experience allowed us to reflect upon how fortunate we are and that nothing should be taken for granted. Some of the people we served were much worse off than us, through no fault of their own, due to circumstances they inherited.

A food drive has been initiated to support the Exodus Foundation. Donations of non-perishable items (cans, noodles, gift cards) are being collected in Le Couteur House and delivered once a term by Year 9 or 10 students. If you would like to support the wonderful work of the Exodus Foundation, please consider donating. Crates can be found in Mr Potter’s office, in the Le Couteur locker area.

The Exodus Foundation is a not for profit organisation that has been running for 33 years, and provides meals, healthcare and other important services for Sydney’s homeless population. It was founded by Reverend Bill Crews in 1986 and has been helping the less fortunate ever since. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided daily at their headquarters and in various places around the city. While volunteering, we were told that each week, roughly a thousand meals leave the kitchen and go directly to people who are in need. As well as a hot meal, Exodus provides medical, dental, wellbeing and educational programs to anyone in need of some help.

Alex Forward (10/LE) and Henry Armstrong-Bailey (10/LE)