Newington College

LitFest 2019

LitFest 2019

Last week, the 9th biennial Literature Festival (LitFest) was held at Newington College. Aimed at encouraging young people to take part in the adventure of books and reading, the Festival was held over three days to give students the opportunity to attend sessions covering all aspects of the written, spoken, printed and visual ‘word’. The Festival featured many special guests: authors, poets, illustrators, performers and newsmakers.

Mentored by freelance reporter, Jack Lynch, and English Teacher, Ms Lily Young, the Postscript team worked hard to meet deadlines, write reviews, interview authors, and photograph the highlights of each day. The student publication was crafted by the following students:

  • Rueben Agius (10/JN)
  • Henry Armstrong-Bailey (10/LE)
  • Anthony Cammaroto (10/MO)
  • Will Cordwell (10/ME)
  • James Davison (10/MA)
  • Thomas Foster (10/ME)
  • Aiden Garey (10/JN)
  • Sebastian Hailwood (10/JN)
  • James Lucas (10/MO)
  • Angus Montrose (10/MA)
  • Noah Morgan (10/KL)
  • Daniel Skontos (10/FL)
  • Raffy Talbot (10/KL)
  • Ben Wainman (10/FL)
  • Zach Zoud (10/ME)

And student photography volunteers: Calum Boland (11/PR), Oscar Hogg (11/JN), Dhruv Kumar (11/JN), and Thomas Gwynne (11/KL).

Please click on the links below to view the Postscript from each day.

Postscript 8 May

Postscript 9 May

Postscript 10 May

Special thanks to the LitFest Committee for planning a fantastic three days:

  • Ann Jagger – Senior Library, Teacher Librarian (Festival Coordinator)
  • Sabine Tanase – Senior Library (Assistant Festival Coordinator)
  • Joanne Barnes – Librarian, Wyvern House (Wyvern Festival Coordinator)
  • Kylie Bain – Teacher Librarian, Lindfield Prep (Lindfield Festival Coordinator)
  • Annie Markey – Director of Communications
  • Linda Munns-Conry – Head of Library
  • Richard Wheeldon – Head of English
  • Tamara Smith – Head of Drama
  • Terence Priester – English Teacher, ICT Facilitator