Newington College

‘One for Many’ 2018

‘One for Many’ 2018

Student leadership is the key to high standards.

I heard a Sydney headmaster once say “no school rises above its Year 12.” What he meant by this was the standards most senior years set for the school is the standard of the school.

I commend our outgoing Year 12 for their leadership, service and above all, a good example to the younger years of our College. The systems and programs at Newington allow all senior boys to lead in some form.

Last week we welcomed our new Year 12 cohort as the leaders of the school and tasked them with the privilege and challenge of leading by example in scholarship, pastoral care and co-curricular life.

Our new Senior Prefects and their team gathered to set out their goals for the year, then those Captains and Vice-Captains planned, with great enthusiasm, the next 12 months. They were all highly respectful of the previous two leadership teams, wishing to continue the themes of Gender Equality, Positive Mental Health and Service and Support for others.

After much debate (some of it quite heated), the slogan of ‘One for Many’ was decided as the catch cry for 2018.

Recognising individuality and embracing diversity for all individuals is supported by a team approach to serve the good causes of others and their needs; especially those less fortunate than ourselves. This theme and vision supports the ethos of Newington College superbly and engages the student population in many of the wellbeing strategies and goals planned for 2018.

Together, with other co-curricular captains and with all of Year 12, this team will attempt to demonstrate they are ‘One for Many’ in this community and beyond.

We wish them every success.

List of Senior Prefects, House Captains and  Vice Captains.

Senior Prefect Lachlan McIntyre (11/JN)
Deputy Senior Prefect Matthew Dyster (11/FL)
Deputy Senior Prefect Alexander Humphreys (11/JN)
Senior Boarding Prefect Richmond Sear (11/MA)
Deputy Senior Boarding Prefect  Anthony Kama (11/FL)
Deputy Senior Boarding Prefect Tua Mahe (11/FL)
Deputy Senior Boarding Prefect Long Duy Pham (11/MO)
Deputy Senior Boarding Prefect Finn Sleigh (11/PR)

Fletcher House
Captain Dale Schlaphoff (11)
Vice-Captain Thomas Barker (11)
Vice-Captain Nicholas Fitzsimmons (11)

Johnstone House
Captain Justin Raja (11)
Vice-Captain William Mellor (11)
Vice-Captain Michael van Walsum (11)

Kelynack House
Captain Nicholas Maclean (11)
Vice-Captain Angus Bell (11)
Vice-Captain Gus Burton (11)

Le Couteur House
Captain Liam Nikos (11)
Vice-Captain Angus Crump (11)
Vice-Captain Alec Machin (11)

Manton House
Captain James Roach (11)
Vice-Captain Daniel Baykitch (11)
Vice-Captain Andrew Harrison (11)

Metcalfe House
Captain Nolan Whitcomb (11)
Vice-Captain Kelvin Du (11)
Vice-Captain Nazim Rahman (11)

Moulton House
Captain Darcy McDonald (11)
Vice-Captain Anton Fichtenmaier (11)
Vice-Captain Riley Vaughan (11)

Prescott House
Captain Matteo Lannan (11)
Vice-Captain Hunter Karam (11)
Vice-Captain Andrew Liu (11)

Mr Bob Meakin
Deputy Head of Stanmore (Students)