Bravo to the cast and crew of One Man, Two Guvnors

March 21, 2017

Comedy is difficult. In comedy, timing is everything and it needs to appear to be effortless and not at all forced. Try to force your audience to laugh, and you’ll get the opposite. Fortunately, the talented cast of this year’s Middle School Production of One Man, Two Guvnors are talented comedians who delivered the slapstick style of the play with ease.

Performer Lachlan McIntyre (10/JN) said being part of the production was a lot of fun from the read-throughs to the rehearsals and performances. “It’s always difficult doing a comedy because you don’t know if something is going to be funny or not but with an amazing cast and crew we miraculously pulled it off. Shout out to the awesome crew who helped bring the show together every night,” he said.

With crowds of close to 400 people across the two nights, audiences were in stitches at the mistaken identity, audience participation, physical comedy and even one or two moments of good old fashioned toilet humour.

But it wasn’t just those on stage who had fun, Dale Schlaphoff (10/FL) who joined the production much later as a musician in the band said he felt accepted from the moment he joined. “This was the first time I had played a part in supplying live music for a dramatic performance, and I thoroughly enjoyed it,” Dale said.

Congratulations to all of the cast and crew involved in pulling a difficult production together in such a short time frame and thank you to all who came to support the show.

Ms Tamara Smith
Head of Drama