Founders Concert

November 7, 2016

On Thursday, 28 July 2016, family and friends came together to celebrate the perseverance, creativity and originality of the boys and staff who belong to Newington Music. Themed around the year, 2016, ‘Suite 16′ invited the audience to take a seat and immerse themselves in a program that ranged from Johann Sebastian Bach to George Harrison. With boys from all years including Wyvern House and Lindfield Preparatory, the pieces were inspired by the number 16 in some way, whether it be a piece from the 16th Century or a play on the word ‘Suite’ in Hot Chocolate by Andy Beck and When you were Sweet Sixteen by The Fureys.

Head of Music, Mr Mark Scott spoke towards the end of the concert paying homage to the graduating Class of 2016 and the journey they have ahead of them. Reflecting back to the time he was in Year 12, Mr Scott spoke about how music like Keats poetry has the ability to transcend us beyond the everyday to gain perspective and allow us to enjoy the range of emotions and experiences that life throws at us.

“When I was thinking about what to say tonight, to you about our Year 12 boys as they start the process of leaving, I thought of what Keats talks about when things are dark … and for me … it helps if I remember, that there’s also great beauty in the world … and a thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

Music can also show its full powers when it is given an opportunity to make someone smile, be moved on a spiritual level, remember or be amazed, he continued.

“May your future lives continue to be filled with music. Its beauty will comfort you when times are dark; its energy will rejuvenate you; its communicative power will help you connect to people who don’t speak your language; its quirkiness will help you have the best fun and its passion and emotion might even help you find love”.

We thank and congratulate each and every boy who performed at Founders Concert this year with a special thank you to our Year 12 boys. It is at times when we are feeling ordinary that the study of music enables us to look beyond and seek solace and peace.