The Newington College Council is dedicated to ensuring diversity of religion, ethnicity, capability and socio economic means within our community. The College governance is independent of but works in affiliation with the Uniting Church in Australia.

Aims and Responsibilities

Ours is a “skills-based” Council. We determine what skills we need to remain restless and to act on that restlessness, working our partnerships to identify and attract people with particular skills from all required areas, including those with a “fresh eyes” approach.

The College, in its current form, was created by an Act of the NSW Parliament in [1922], which gave rise to a stand-alone, incorporated school, while also enshrining the unique traditions of the partnerships that drive the modern Newington College today. The Council includes in its responsibilities the need to:

  • Work with the Headmaster and his team
  • Preserve our traditions and unique culture
  • Shape the strategic direction of the College, in the context of an ever-changing environment
  • Manage the risks associated with any school
  • Maintain a watching brief over the delivery of the chosen strategy.

College Custodians

The Council are drawn from a wide cross-section of our community. They are the trustees of our school and are here to assist the Headmaster and staff. The Newington College Council supports the Headmaster in executing the College’s vision, mission and values.

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The College Council forms a type of knowledge partnership that requires respect and trust for each other’s expertise and qualities.

The Council are made up of various members of our College community.

They are:

  • Old Boys
  • Members of the Uniting Church
  • Past and current parents
  • As well as, people with no prior, direct connection to the College

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The Annual Report

Each year the Headmaster’s Annual Report is prepared to acknowledge the people and events that have contributed to the historic records and fabric of Newington College.

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Newington College maintains the relevant data and complies with reporting requirements of the NSW Minister for Education and Training and the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. This data is published in an Annual Report and includes public disclosure of the educational and financial performance measures and policies of the school as required.

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The Uniting Church

Living with Christian values is fundamental to the way in which we build our community and provide education to students. We are affiliated with the Uniting Church and welcome students and families of all religious denominations and cultural backgrounds. Newington College embraces each individual's unique intellectual, spiritual and cultural needs. Students are encouraged to know themselves and to discover their place in God’s world.

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Part of the GPS

Newington is a member school of the Great Public Schools (GPS), an association of boys’ schools in New South Wales that share common interests, ethics, educational philosophy and compete against each other in sporting events

The GPS was formed on 30 March 1892, and today has nine members – eight Sydney schools and The Armidale School, a country boarding school.

On the Rise

The desire of Newington College Headmaster Mr Michael Parker to bring out the best in every boy is mirrored throughout the College. It's evident in the way we encourage our teachers, to the way they teach the boys. The three Heads of Campus, Mr David Roberts (Head of Stanmore 7-12), Mr Ben Barrington-Higgs (Head of Lindfield Prep) and Mr Ian Holden (Head of Wyvern Prep) support the Headmaster to form a dynamic leadership team.