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Newington College has shown itself to be a school that is “on the move” and a school that provides a vast array of opportunities for our boys to discover what’s possible. read more Stanmore K–6 is devoted to the pursuit of academic excellence. Each boy is valued for his unique capacity to contribute to the life of the College. read more At Lindfield K–6 we seek every opportunity to create a learning experience that draws on each student’s innate qualities of enthusiasm and optimism. read more

Initiatives, Innovations, INSITES

Insites We have created a series of micro-websites called INSITES to give you more detailed information about our specialist programs and opportunities - all part of Newingtons vision for boys' education. Go to insites

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  • singing

    If everyone is singing to the same tune

    On some days (especially those when the weather is wet or the wind is blowing) a classroom can feel like someone has tuned 20 radios into different stations simultaneously, and then broken all the volume switches. Boys talking at cross purposes, all with opinions they want heard at the same time, all with different things to say.

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  • construction

    Beds built for Oasis Youth Support Network

    Year 12 Construction boys have nearly completed manufacturing the final batch of beds that will be donated to Oasis, The Salvation Army’s Youth Crisis Accommodation Centre in Surry Hills.

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  • bob_and_lily

    Gaining Digital Citizenship

    There seems to be nothing more demotivating than to open a talk with teenage boys with, “We need to make you aware of your safety online.” And yet, every week the news features something where unwise choices have led to serious crimes in the cyber world. To stop and think before we post a comment online or ‘press send’ is more important now than ever before.

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