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Newington College has shown itself to be a school that is “on the move” and a school that provides a vast array of opportunities for our boys to discover what’s possible. read more Stanmore K–6 is devoted to the pursuit of academic excellence. Each boy is valued for his unique capacity to contribute to the life of the College. read more At Lindfield K–6 we seek every opportunity to create a learning experience that draws on each student’s innate qualities of enthusiasm and optimism. read more

Initiatives, Innovations, INSITES

Insites We have created a series of micro-websites called INSITES to give you more detailed information about our specialist programs and opportunities - all part of Newingtons vision for boys' education. Go to insites

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  • liz

    David Morrison and Elizabeth Broderick Stand with Us on Gender Equality

    On Monday, 7 March, the full College gathered in Centenary Hall for a very special assembly featuring Former Chief of Army and 2016 Australian of the Year, Lieutenant General David Morrison AO and Former Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick AO.

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  • maths_1

    A Solution for making Maths more Creative

    From the week beginning Monday 14 March – yes, Pi Day (3/14/16) – the Newington Maths Department took their maths classes on an adventure to shake up some stereotyped ideas about the subject. The week-long festival featured talks and activities both in and out of class and was highly successful. Black and White sat down with Head of Maths Mr Doug Vass to talk about the problems and solutions the boys came up with and how the week shares a close tie with recent developments in brain science.

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  • GPS Swim Carnival. Sport Swimming Schoolboys. SOPAC. 18 March 2016. Photo by Jeremy Bowring/SPA Images

    New take Three out of Four Wins at AAGPS Swimming Carnival

    Led by Captains Callum Lowe-Griffiths (12/PR) and Benjamin Tran (12/KL), the 2016 Newington Swim Team finished off the season in style last week at the AAGPS Swimming Carnival at SOPAC.

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