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Newington College has shown itself to be a school that is “on the move” and a school that provides a vast array of opportunities for our boys to discover what’s possible. read more Stanmore K–6 is devoted to the pursuit of academic excellence. Each boy is valued for his unique capacity to contribute to the life of the College. read more At Lindfield K–6 we seek every opportunity to create a learning experience that draws on each student’s innate qualities of enthusiasm and optimism. read more

Initiatives, Innovations, INSITES

Insites We have created a series of micro-websites called INSITES to give you more detailed information about our specialist programs and opportunities - all part of Newingtons vision for boys' education. Go to insites

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  • roger_1

    Dr Roger Davidson (ON 1940) celebrates his 92nd birthday at Newington

    Dr Roger Davidson (ON 1940), Archives volunteer celebrates his 92nd birthday on Tuesday 18 August. Roger graduated from Newington in 1940 having started at the College in 1932. He was born in what is now Braeside when it was a Hospital because his father worked there as a doctor and he has lived and worked within 10 kms of Newington all his life. For some 30 years, he was the College’s honorary Doctor and has been recognised by the GPS for his extensive research into Schoolboy Rugby injuries he carried out over many years. He is a past member of the College Council, Founding Chairman of The 70 Club, ONU President in 1972 – 73 and a Newington Medallist.

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  • ha

    Mr Ha puts E-learning under the microscope

    It’s been four years since Newington College rolled out the Bring Your Own Device program and Learning Management System – Canvas, and this year, the good guys in ICT are doing a comprehensive review of the program to see what’s working, what isn’t, and what needs to be done to make it better.

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  • step

    A day in the life of a New Boy

    If you hear of Newington boys being followed by teachers from class to class over the next couple of weeks, don’t be alarmed. It’s a new initiative introduced by Head of Learning and Teaching Mr Sean Corcoran to better help teachers understand learning from the student’s perspective.

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