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Newington College has shown itself to be a school that is “on the move” and a school that provides a vast array of opportunities for our boys to discover what’s possible. read more Stanmore K–6 is devoted to the pursuit of academic excellence. Each boy is valued for his unique capacity to contribute to the life of the College. read more At Lindfield K–6 we seek every opportunity to create a learning experience that draws on each student’s innate qualities of enthusiasm and optimism. read more

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Insites We have created a series of micro-websites called INSITES to give you more detailed information about our specialist programs and opportunities - all part of Newingtons vision for boys' education. Go to insites

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  • history

    2015 Modern History Tour

    This year’s Modern History tour ventured into some of Western Europe’s darkest moments over the last one hundred years. Beginning in Germany at the site of the former Berlin Wall, Newington history boys were able to witness the disturbingly ordinary site that was once a surveilled stretch of land called the ‘death strip’ that kept residents of East Berlin’s Soviet-controlled ‘Eastern Bloc’ from escaping to the West.

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  • prefects

    “Value you, Support him, Stand with her”

    Last week at the first assembly for Term 4, our 2016 Senior Prefect Jack Jacobs (12/FL 2016) delivered a powerful speech. His inaugural address in this leadership role showcased not only the attributes of courage, resilience, care and integrity that define all that is in a Newington Man of Substance, but also vision for a better tomorrow.

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  • mitchell

    Mitchell Loveridge (10/MA) reflects on Tonga

    In the October holidays, 29 boys accompanied by Mr Cameron Quince, Mr Myles Carrick, Mr Troy Stanley and Mr James Norman embarked on a Service Learning/U15s Rugby Tour to Tupou College, Tonga. Over the years the relationship between Newington and Tupou College has continued to strengthen as a result of these special touring opportunities. Below is an edited speech given by Tour Captain, Mitchell Loveridge (10/MA) after returning from the Tonga Tour.

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