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Newington College has shown itself to be a school that is “on the move” and a school that provides a vast array of opportunities for our boys to discover what’s possible. read more Stanmore K–6 is devoted to the pursuit of academic excellence. Each boy is valued for his unique capacity to contribute to the life of the College. read more At Lindfield K–6 we seek every opportunity to create a learning experience that draws on each student’s innate qualities of enthusiasm and optimism. read more

Initiatives, Innovations, INSITES

Insites We have created a series of micro-websites called INSITES to give you more detailed information about our specialist programs and opportunities - all part of Newingtons vision for boys' education. Go to insites

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  • teachmeet_1

    Newington Library's First TeachMeet

    It is said that finding information online is ‘similar to taking a sip from a fire hydrant.’ This is a core concept for staff at Newington Library, in particular, inquiry and research skill development and was the guiding principle behind Newington Library's first 'Teachmeet' led by Teaching and Learning Librarian Mrs Lily Young.

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  • dodge

    Behind the Scenes - Manton Dodgeball Fundraiser

    Often we consider the success of a fundraising event by the amount of money raised and the number of attendees who participated. While these are all important measures, are there any lessons that can be learnt from coordinating fundraising events?

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  • kingt

    His Majesty King Tupou VI of Tonga visits Newington

    The staff and students of Newington College adopted Royal protocol last Monday when the College played host to His Majesty King Tupou VI of Tonga. The College welcomed the King to the Stanmore campus where he officially opened two of the College’s newest learning facilities - a new Drama centre and a new Year 7 learning centre named ‘The Tupou College Centre’.

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