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Languages students excel in competitions

Languages students excel in competitions

The Education Perfect Languages Championships (EPLC) are designed to help boost languages students ’ personal learning journeys , engage students with curriculum-aligned content and motivate them to compete on an international stage.

Newington College came 19th overall with 216,290 points (which means we finished in the top one per cent of competitors), helped by Year 11 student John Azzi, who contributed 30,698 points to the total and finished in third position on the individual worldwide table, garnering him an Elite Award. Anthony Cusumano (Year 7), Hugo Ni (Year 7) and Abbas Beydoun (Year 8) each received more than 3000 points earning them t he Gold Award and Roenin R (Year 7) received more than 5000 points qualfying him for an Emerald Award.

John Azzi (Year 11), said ‘I focused on Arabic, French, Chinese, Spanish, German and Italian, answering over 50,000 questions . I was competing against students from 2,825 schools from around the world. The platform teaches students practical skills in language learning from reading, writing, listening and speaking. I was very proud of my achievement
and helped put Newington College in the top 20 in the Languages Championships.’

In the Australian Computational Linguistics Olympiad (OzClo), another languages contest for secondary school students, Alexander Ross (Year 10), Minh Nguyen (Year 10) and Preston Zhang (Year 10) received Gold Awards and finished in the top six in NSW.
Head of Languages Ms Marnie Foster paid tribute to the students: ‘We are so proud of our students for embracing these opportunities to further develop their language skills and achieve such amazing results.’