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Q&A with Wyvern Visual Arts Teacher Meredith Buining

Q&A with Wyvern Visual Arts Teacher Meredith Buining

Meredith Buining is an artist and visual arts teacher at Wyvern House, Newington College’s prep school at Stanmore. She is passionate about the arts and how they can nourish lives. Let’s learn why she thinks the visual arts culture is strong at Newington, and her thoughts on our very own version of the Archibald Prize. 

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Newington College?

I love teaching at Newington College as the boys teach me something every day. I love that they are interested and engaged in all of the artworks that we do, and are not afraid to tackle even the most difficult of processes.

Why is visual arts education at Newington College so strong?

I think visual arts at Newington is really strong because it is the subject that encompasses a lot of life skills. For example, drawing is an important life skill for creating and sharing ideas. Problem solving when in the process of making an artwork is essential. Creativity when planning and making artworks can carry on through out a working career. Also, artwork is sometimes collaborative, enhancing language and communication skills. This has been evident in the collaborative art-making from Year 2 and Year 4 when making an artwork to hang in the Wyvern stairwell. The boys are encouraged by the inclusion in assembly of ‘Artist of the Week’, which is a great honour.

Why are you passionate about visual arts?

I am really passionate about the visual arts, as my own practice enhances and gives me ideas for the boys. I love thinking of new ideas, or how to make it better.

The Wyvernbald exhibition is an annual event that showcases art from Wyvern students. What can you tell us about this year’s exhibition?

The Wyvernbald this year was impressive in that the boys are now making really considered choices. It’s been wonderful to see the discussions between boys and parents about their chosen person. It is also wonderful to see more women featured in these choices. The boys have also put their trust in me to guide them through this process, and I am very grateful that they have been a part of their learning journey.