What the boys say

Find out what our graduating boys say about how they got through their final years of school and what advice they would give to others.

Georgio Platias (ON 2016) ATAR 97.55

A tip is to make sure you use your teachers as much as possible as they know what is needed and ultimately act as a means of improvement.

My personal study timetable allowed me to achieve great results as I prepared in advance and did not feel rushed or stressed before exams. Preparation led to easier revision which in turn allowed me to perform at my best. My parents also played a vital role guiding me through my studies with their support.

Before the HSC I also wrote up a list of what I was hoping/planning to get. All of my results improved and in the end I was able to do better (by two or so marks than what I had written down on my goal list). This list was able to act as a motivation to push myself to make sure I got those marks as a minimum, which in the end, I was able to exceed.

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Jack Jacobs (ON 2016) ATAR 99.70

Don’t treat the HSC as a game to be played. Don’t only worry about the syllabus and rubrics. Instead take the two-year chance to expand your intellectual and artistic capabilities. Challenge and excite yourself. See things in the bigger sense. Do things because you care about them, not because they’ll get you a mark or rank.


Fletcher Howell (ON 2016) IB Score 39 (ATAR equivalent 97.6)

A key to my lack of stress around exam time came from my judicious checking of the syllabus, and filling in of gaps left out in class while the topic matter is fresh. It meant, end of course revision classes were for revision, rather than relearning, or even less desired, learning for the first time.

I remembered the feeling of a bad assessment. I made a promise to myself to never feel that way again by preparing as best I could for all my assessments. I used a failure to push me.

- Taylan Behayi (ON 2016) ATAR 98.60

Stephen Zinonos

Stephen Zinonos (ON 2016) ATAR 93.40

Studying with mates is always a good option and sharing notes. Its not a competition and you all need to do well so collaborate and collate because you are helping each other in the end. Also, go the extra step and inundate teachers with past papers, don’t feel embarrassed to do that!

Sam Mehmet (ON 2016) ATAR 98.70

My results have definitely exceeded my expectations from when I started Year 12. However in saying that, those who put the effort in over the year will reap the rewards at the end. Personally I would never of thought that I’d receive a band 6 in each of my subjects, and this was something that I can be proud of. Although the HSC can be daunting from the outset, I can truly say that many of you will be surprised by just how far you can go.

Eric Sheng (ON 2016) IB Perfect Score ATAR 99.95

Instead of slavishly writing down notes or letting the facts wash over you, always read with attention to what exactly the author (of any text) is saying, how s/he is saying it (e.g. evidence cited, methodology, literary style), what s/he is trying to do by saying it, how it relates to other ideas or topics, and what can be said against it.

Especially with academic writing, try to summarise a text after reading it and think of some possible counterarguments.

Don’t give up until the end. Many students will tire after trials. Do not let that be you. Focus and study as hard as you can right until the end. It’s not over until its over.

- George Papasavvas (ON 2016) ATAR 97.80


Connor Tran (ON 2016) ATAR 92.85

I would advise the younger boys to make the most of their time at the college and participate in all aspects of school life as it will not only develop them as a person but it will determine the man they become when they leave the school.

William Ryan (ON 2016) IB Score 43 (ATAR equivalent 99.70)

Year 12 at Newington has the potential to be one of the best years of your life, so get involved in as many things as you can. Managing my time efficiently meant that I didn’t have to spend too much of it on study, freeing it up for other activities. You don’t have to be directly involved in a co-curricular activity, either: taking some time to give your support by going to a production or watching a team is equally as valuable.


Lewis Ulm (ON 2016) IB Score 39 (ATAR equivalent 97.60)

The all-rounded subject selection was the most pleasing for me. I wouldn’t have even done a science in the HSC but I found out by doing IB that I actually really enjoyed it and got a 7 in my science. I now want to major in a science at University, something I would never have discovered if I didn’t do IB.

For future IB students (or current) your trial exams fall in a particularly busy period for internal assessments (IA’s) and my advice is to dedicate your time to the IA’s because they make up a large part of your grade.

- Tom Foley (ON 2016) IB Score 40 (ATAR equivalent 98.30)


Jack Ryan (ON 2016) IB Score 40 (ATAR equivalent 98.30)

I found that the most effective driving factor was wanting to have no regrets when results day came because, regardless of what score I needed for next year, I wanted to know that I gave it the best I could at the end of the day.