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Combined with the School’s very strong HSC results, these IB results complete the picture of a high performing Year 12 from 2016.

3 Perfect Scores

Newington had 3 students out of a world total of 94 students who attained a perfect score this year.

Three students this year achieved a perfect IB score of 45/45 converting to an ATAR of 99.95. We congratulate:

  • Sebastian Iannuzzi 
  • Michael Li
  • Eric Sheng

31 boys from the cohort of 37 achieved a score that would be the equivalent of attaining an ATAR over 90.

Our High-fliers

The IB cohort for 2016 was made up of 37 boys. 12 out of these boys achieved scores from 40-45 equating to an ATAR of 98+ and above.

  • Jeremi Campese – 44 (99.85)
  • Eamon Barrett, Daniel Cordeschi, William Ryan – 43 (99.70)
  • Stephen Chan,  Alex Goth, Marco Stocca – 42 (99.45)
  • Tom Foley, Jack Ryan – 40 (98.30)   

These strong results across the whole year group meant the Newington Diploma graduates achieved a mean score of  37 equating to an ATAR of 95.90 – a wonderful achievement by any standard.

How did we get these strong results?

Newington’s IB Coordinator, Briony Morath, noted two features contributing to the strong results for 2016 Year 12.

  • The impressive number of students receiving the maximum Grade A (Grades from A-E) in the Extended Essay component of the Programme, significantly above the worldwide averages:
    • 17 boys receiving a Grade A
    • 10 boys receiving a Grade B
    • So, 73% of students achieving an A or B Grade.
  • The examination results of the boys, for the majority of the cohort, being their best academic performances in each subject over the course of their two years of study.

Celebrating our Success

The International Baccalaureate Diploma graduates from 2016 gathered in the Council Boardroom on Thursday 5 January 2017 to celebrate their exceptional results, both individually and as a cohort. Staff joined over 20 boys to celebrate with the obviously delighted group and to hear the announcements of overseas and early entry offers to diverse university programs.

The Deputy Headmaster David Roberts spoke to the boys of the College’s pride in their achievements, while acknowledging this particular cohort’s commitment to and support for each other.

Deputy Head of Stanmore (Academic), Trent Driver, agreed and reminded the boys about all that it takes to get to this point and that while their mark is a ticket to the opportunities beyond the College it is the reward for two years in an academically challenging course of study.

What the boys say

Hear from a handful of our high achievers from the HSC and IB on what they did to keep them motivated, engaged and on top of their study and co-curricular commitments in Year 11 and 12.

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Did you know?

Newington is the only GPS school to offer both the HSC and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to senior students. Get the full picture.

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