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Newington has recorded 10 All Round Achievement Awards in the NSW Higher School Certificate results announced on Thursday 15 December 2016. Combined with the School’s outstanding IB Diploma Results these HSC results complete the picture of a high performing Year 12 from 2016.

10 All Round Achievement Awards and 2 Best in Subject

Newington College received 170 mentions on the Distinguished Achievers’ List

At the time of writing, the highest ATARs reported by the boys were from Jack Jacobs and Peter Zavvos both of whom received 99.70.

The All Round Achievement list below records the 10 boys who achieved a result in the highest band (Band 6 or Band E4) in 10 or more units of courses in their current pattern of study. They were:


Taylan BehayiNicolai Laptev
Joshua HareSamuel Mehmet
Timothy HareGeorgios Platias
Jack JacobsSamuel Yu
Nicholas JamesPeter Zavvos


Newington College had two place getters in the State’s ‘Best in Subject’ category.

  • Peter Zavvos ranked 2nd in Modern Greek Beginners
  • George Papasavvas ranked 3rd in Modern Greek Beginners

ARTEXPRESS: Three boys were nominated for exhibitions featuring exemplary Visual Arts students. Congratulations to Samuel Gilfedder, 'Nihility'; Fergus Kinahan, 'The Edge of ...'; and Elliot Ulm, 'Clean' for their nominations into ARTEXPRESS.

ENCORE & OnSTAGE: Congratulations to Elliot Ulm who has had his Individual Project selected for 'OnSTAGE'. Chris Cooper, Jack Jacobs and Leon Vitogiannis are also congratulated for nominations for 'ENCORE' the presentation of music performance and composition at the Opera House.

SHAPE 2016: Congratulations to Mitchell Cormack and Samuel Gilfedder who were nominated for inclusion in 'Shape 2016' the combined Technology Exhibition held at the Powerhouse Museum, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Ultimo Sydney from February 2017.


HSC Celebrations

Despite the rain and an indoor barbecue there were no dampened spirits at the ATAR celebrations at Newington on the morning after the HSC results. The boys were relaxed and keen to congratulate each other, share stories of university and travel plans while sharing the lessons learned with their proud teachers.

Top 2 Bands across the Courses

While we celebrate all our successes, we particularly recognise the boys and teachers in courses where over 60% of candidates scored in the top two bands (5 or 6) of achievement in a 2 unit course, or the top band (E4) in a 1 unit course. A wonderful result.

Course% in Top Bands Course% in Top Bands
Biology 67%Legal Studies76%
Business Studies 67%Modern Greek Beginners100%
Design and Technology 65%Mathematics Extension 266%
Drama 61%Modern History74%
Economics 83%Music 191%
Engineering Studies 82%Music 2100%
English Advanced 86%Music Extension75%
Geography 62%PDHPE60%
Info Processes & Technology 71%Studies of Religion88%
Latin Continuers100%Visual Arts87%


boys_crowd_newington_basketball court

Did you know?

Newington is the only GPS school to offer both the HSC and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to senior students.

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A liberal education equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyse problems, make informed judgements and think broadly. The students who take this approach to subject selections are our high achievers.

- Mr Trent Driver, Deputy Head of Campus 7-12 (Academic)


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