Why Newington

At Newington, we believe in educating the whole boy.

A vision for men of substance and resilience

OUR VALUES • Embracing our diversity • Learning with rigour • Exploring our creativity • Leading through serving • Building our character • Nurturing the spiritual • Caring for others • Imagining a better future

We have a ‘personal best’ approach towards the education of boys.

Personal best at Newington is not about measuring yourself against another’s marks. It’s about overcoming setbacks to find the inner strength to do better, to work more effectively, and to give back to your community.

Our teachers and staff enjoy being part of the boys lives as they discover what it means to have character.

Our Vision:

To provide an internationally respected education that empowers boys to become men of substance and resilience who make an active and positive contribution to society.

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Who we are

Newington College was founded in 1863 and born from Reverend John Manton's wish to establish a "Wesleyan Collegiate Institution". At the public inauguration of the College, it was announced that Newington would be a school with pluralist aims. We would be an institution built on the foundations of Christianity to provide a comprehensive sectarian education to boys of all religious denominations - a radical stance at the time. Today, our College boasts a community of families belonging to more than 40 different ethnic groups and all world religions. We are a College founded on diversity.

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How we teach boys

We adapt so each boy gets the most out of every class.

How your son learns, what he is good at and what he needs help with, influences the way that we teach. Our teaching and learning programs are flexible. We adapt to ensure that your son gets the most out of his learning.

We are eager to innovate. Technology is a tool we use to enhance the classroom experience. Our boys and teachers have access to the latest learning and teaching resources so they remain on the cutting edge of each investigation, calculation, design, research project or performance.

Boys learn best when they are engaged and proactive. Encouraging a student-centred approach teaches boys responsibility, how to take initiative and how to work hard independently. Beyond good marks, having strong values is what makes the whole boy.

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Latest Results

Each year, our Year 12 boys graduate with outstanding results in both the HSC and IB Diploma Programme. We are the only GPS school to offer a choice between these two Senior Learning programs in Year 11 and 12.

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How we care

"I'm trying to broaden the scope of Positive Psychology well beyond the smiley face. Happiness is just one-fifth of what human beings choose to do." - Martin Seligman

Knowing the personal and emotional needs of each boy is a big part of how we care. Our Wellbeing program supports the academic and co-curricular arms of the College to enhance each boy’s sense of independence

Currently, our Wellbeing program is informed by psychologist Martin Seligman’s Positive Psychology framework.  We care about each boy’s mental and emotional health. We focus on affirmation and appropriate intervention to ensure that the boys remain happy, healthy and are at their best to learn.

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Our Senior Campus

Our main senior campus for boys in Years 7 to 12 is located in the Inner City suburb of Stanmore.

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Our Inner City Prep School

Wyvern House is our Inner City Prep school. It is one of our two junior schools.

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Our Prep School on the North Shore

Lindfield Preparatory is our Prep School located in Sydney's Lower North Shore. It is one out of our two junior schools.

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NEWINGTON OFFERS a range of academic and co-curricular subjects across the years. All three campuses have curriculum learning frameworks.

LINDFIELD PREPARATORY is an accredited Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme School. Wyvern House's academic program is informed by Guy Claxton's Building Learning Power framework.

AT STANMORE 7-12, we are the only school in the GPS to offer a choice between the NSW HSC and IB Diploma Programme in Year 11 and 12.

Discover what's possible

Every boy can ‘Discover what’s possible’ at Newington. A boy can love science and be in the musical; join the philosophy society and play football; engineer a DJs desk in a design class and be a cadet under officer; and in Year 12 play lead guitar in the RockFest concert and top English Advanced, Ext 1, and Ext 2. It’s possible when you combine individual talent, with a willingness to give different opportunities a go, support from friends and family, and encouragement from dedicated teachers and coaches. At Newington we know boys have diverse passions, but most importantly it is diversity of experience that makes for a better balance and sense of personal achievement for boys.

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New Swim to Success

The Newington Swim Team completed the GPS season on Friday 23 March with a fantastic night of racing at SOPAC. The swimmers conjured up some amazing performances, which ultimately resulted in a GPS Senior Swimming Premiership and a GPS Open Relays Competition victory.

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Guys and Dolls by the Numbers

The Newington College Drama Department held three spectacular performances of the musical Guys and Dolls on March 1, 2 and 3 in the Parade Theatre at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. Bravo to the talented cast and crew!

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One for Many

Last week at Assembly, Deputy Senior Prefect, Alexander Humphreys, delivered a speech to his peers about fostering a school culture whereby students actively try and desire to become the best version of themselves and improve their surrounding community.

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