Student Leadership Initiatives

Our Leadership Program starts a lifelong conversation about citizenship, social responsibility and community-mindedness.

Leadership in the Senior Years

In Year 11, boys build on their earlier leadership roles and formally prepare to take over from the current senior student leaders. Those boys selected to attend the Year 7 camp as senior leaders never forget the opportunity to proudly introduce the young students to the Newington community.

After completing five years in High School at the College, we believe that all our boys are leaders in their own right. For this reason, at the end of Year 11 in the model of ‘participative service leadership’ all students are automatically made into House Prefects. Under this System, all Year 12 students are required to contribute to the daily operation of the school through House Prefect duties and to offer themselves as an example for all younger boys to follow.

From the Year 12 student body one boy is chosen to lead the school as Senior Prefect, acting as a dynamic exemplar for the whole school to look to and emulate. Two Deputy Senior Prefects are also appointed as well as one Captain and two Vice Captains for each of the School’s eight houses. Together, these young men form the exceptional team that guides and unites the school’s student body.

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Senior Prefect Leaders 2023

Hayden Forner (Senior Prefect), Toby Eastway and Daniel Martin (Deputy Senior Prefects) are the student leaders for 2023. Their motto is "Act Today, For Tomorrow."

Act Today, For Tomorrow

On Tuesday, 1 November 2022 the Newington College Senior Leaders revealed the motto for 2023 during Assembly – “Act Today, For Tomorrow”. Senior Prefect Hayden Forner addressed staff and students to provide context around the theme and motto. 

Act Today encourages you to start the ball rolling now. It urges you to take hold of your opportunities here at Newington, making use of the individual environment you are in and develop. Develop in the understanding of yourself – who you are as a person, and in the understanding of others.’ Said Hayden.

‘It means to act today in your academics, your sport, music and drama, to act today for mental fitness, a quality belonging for you, your peers and the wider community. Why act today? It initiates the learning process. By acting today, you can learn another step ahead tomorrow. This can be in whatever your individual interests are that you are keen to improve upon and the ones that make you feel satisfied, proud and accomplished.

For tomorrow shows the scope to look into the future and to set a goal and apply what is needed now, for then – based off your own reflection of what you wish to improve on. It bolsters you to throw yourself into endeavors with purpose. It strengthens. It strengthens your adaptability, willingness to set ambitious goals and ability to broaden your perspective of what tomorrow consists of.

Act today for tomorrow. Be proactive to develop yourself, your character and the citizen will be a part of an improved community. If you build and develop your unique traits, the diversity and caliber of Newington and the wider community as a whole is lifted.’