Spirituality and Ethics

We welcome students and families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds.

Valuing Each Boy

Our College motto, In Fide Scientiam—to Faith add Knowledge—is about seeking balance. We seek to find a belief in, and a knowledge of God and of His ways, as he teaches us through His word and the events of our everyday life.

We are a Uniting Church school. We welcome students and families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds. Newington College values each boy as a unique and whole person, with distinct intellectual, spiritual, cultural, personal, social and physical needs.

We believe that being a diverse community enriches us all and we seek to encourage tolerance, compassion and understanding. Every attempt is made to be sensitive to the backgrounds and needs of all our boys. Students are encouraged to be open-minded and to develop positive attitudes towards living and learning with faith.

The Chapel

The chapel provides a place for reflection and interaction with personal and community issues in light of the basic tenets of the Christian faith. This enables our young men to develop the confidence to take their place in the wider community. On the Secondary campus students attend chapel services each fortnight. In addition, each House has an annual chapel service and there are regular community services held at the Newington College Chapel.


Centre for Ethics

The Centre for Ethics at Newington College is a forum for students, teachers, parents and the wider community, to engage in discussion of contemporary moral issues, beliefs and values under the drive and vision of Dr Jeremy Hall.

The Centre for Ethics is part of our aim to encourage the boys to explore their personal beliefs, to develop an awareness of spirituality, to encourage respect and understanding in the search for truth, and to develop a strong sense of morality and ethics.

See the list of speakers for 2018.

Being human in a digital world

In the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Professor Genevieve Bell examines the human fascination with robots and artificial intelligence, and the need to discuss the role of technology in our society.

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Talking to My Country

Stan Grant confronts the big questions about who we want to be as a nation. He considers whether Australia can be a country that can fully enshrine the rights of Indigenous peoples, that can wrestle with its past, that can draw a line through its history, that can give Indigenous peoples the opportunity to make decisions about their lives that will lift Indigenous people and communities.

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The War on Journalism

Peter Greste looks at the way journalism has come under attack from all sides in the War on Terror, and the devastating impact it has had – and continues to have – on the quality reporting so essential to a functioning democracy.

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Latest Program

Full details of the 2018 Lecture Program are now available on the Centre for Ethics Insite

Through its public lectures, workshops and conferences, the Centre aims to promote critical and creative thinking, inter-cultural understanding and serious engagement with the moral issues facing young Australians in the 21st century.

Over the year, the Centre for Ethics has been incredibly fortunate to host lectures from distinguished guests such as Reverend Tim Costello AO, CEO of World Vision Australia, Julian Burnside QC, the Hon. Justice Michael Kirby and Susan Greenfield.