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Newington's results in the 2017 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme were nothing short of outstanding and complete the picture of a high performing Year 12 of 2017.

Three Perfect Scores

80 per cent of our IB students achieved a mark that is the ATAR equivalent of 90 or over.

Congratulations to Mitchell Long, Matthew Putt and Jarrah Lindhout, who this year achieved a perfect IB score of 45/45 converting to an ATAR of 99.95.

Mitchell was Newington’s Senior Prefect in 2017 and all three boys were involved in a wide range of co-curricular activities throughout their time at Newington.

In addition, an impressive 80 per cent of our IB students achieved a mark that is the ATAR equivalent of 90 or over.

Our High-fliers

There were 60 boys in our 2017 IB cohort. Twenty of them achieved scores of 40 or above, equating to an ATAR of 98.30 or above.

Six boys achieved a score of 44 – the equivalent of an ATAR of 99.85. Congratulations to:

  • Matthew Britt
  • George Burley
  • Jarrah Lindhout
  • Nick Peppercorn
  • Matt Putt
  • Richard Zhang

A strong and diverse cohort

Strong results across the whole cohort meant Newington’s IB Diploma graduates achieved a mean score of 37.1, equating to an ATAR of 95.85.

This is well above the average global score of 29.21.

2017 was one of our most diverse IB student groups, which makes our results even more gratifying.

Topics chosen for the compulsory 4000-word extended essay ranged from encryption number systems to the economics of family-owned businesses. Many of our top-performing boys also excelled on the sporting field, in music and as student leaders. Their involvement in the school community was unwavering.

How did we get these strong results?

Several features contributed to the strong results for 2017 IB students:

1. Outstanding maths results. Of Newington’s 60 IB students, 23 achieved the highest possible grade – Grade 7. A further 15 boys achieved Grade 6. The high proportion of Grades 7 and 6 were awarded across all levels.

2. Impressive language results. 24 boys achieved a Grade 7 in their language results, and a further 18 were awarded a Grade 6. This means more than two-thirds of our boys were awarded the top two grades in languages in the 2017 IB.

3. Excellent performances in the Extended Essay component of the IB. With more than a third of boys receiving the maximum Grade A (from Grades A-E), Newington’s average result was well above the worldwide average.

  • 21 boys received a Grade A
  • 21 boys received a Grade B
  • More than two-thirds of 2017 students achieved an A or B Grade.

Celebrating our Success

Graduates from 2017 gathered for morning tea at Newington College to celebrate their results. Staff joined more than 20 boys to hear about plans to travel overseas or study across a wide variety of university programs.

Newington Headmaster Dr David Mulford told boys they should be proud of their achievements, and applauded the bonds of friendship that, in true Newington style, will extend beyond their life at school.

Deputy Head of Stanmore (Academic), Mr Trent Driver, described the 2017 results as a just reward for the effort applied by 2017 IB students throughout two years of demanding study.

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Did you know?

The IB was first offered in Australia in 1978. 

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