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Newington has recorded three All-Round Achievement Awards in the NSW Higher School Certificate results announced on Thursday, 14 December 2017. Newington's IB Diploma results will be released in early January 2018 and will complete the picture of a high performing Year 12 from 2017.

Three All-Round Achievement Awards

At the time of writing, the highest ATARs reported by the boys were from Yusuf Ali who achieved an ATAR of 99.6 and Simon Giordano who received an ATAR of 98.35.

Three Newington boys made the All-Round Achievement lists by receiving a result in the highest band (Band 6 or E4) in 10 or more units of study, an impressive achievement. Congratulations to:

  • Harry Carr

  • Nicholas Coomer

  • Simon Giordano

Four Newington College boys were named among the top performers in NSW in individual subjects. They were:

  • Luke Burgess, who placed third in the state in Design and Technology

  • James Calfas, who placed third in the state in Modern Greek

  • Michael Chi, who placed sixth in the state in Earth and Environmental Science

  • Yusuf Ali, who placed 14th in the state in Legal Studies

HSC Showcase Nominations

Every year students from across NSW are nominated and selected to be part of a series of HSC showcases and exhibitions.

  • Ashutosh Bidkar’s individual project was selected for OnSTAGE, an exhibition featuring individual projects by HSC Drama students. Ashutosh’s package included a poster, flyer, program and media feature article for an imagined production of the musical Spring Awakening at the Black Swan Theatre Company in Perth. Ashutosh’s work will be on show at the Seymour Centre from 3-9 February 2018.

  • A Group Performance in HSC Drama by Eden Bradford, Tom Hogan and Gus Watts was nominated and chosen as a reserve piece for the OnSTAGE performance program. Their piece, HSC Group Performance explored issues around being a man in today’s society, and the implication of using the excuse “boys will be boys”. It was a powerful and highly theatrical performance.

  • James Rossé was nominated for the HSC Encore Concert for his Music 2 performance program. The HSC Encore concert is held early in Term 1 at the Sydney Opera House and features a cross section of music performances from all courses, across a variety of schools.

  • Luke Burgess and Andreas Veryinis were nominated for Shape, an exhibition featuring a selection of exemplary Major Projects from HSC Design and Technology, Industrial Technology and Textiles and Design students. Luke designed a workshop stool that can be intuitively folded and stored easily when not in use, and Andreas designed a collapsible and easy to use and store coat hanger that can be used in high-end department stores and boutique shops.

Vocational and Educational Training (VET)

Our Vocational and Educational Training (VET) boys have performed well, achieving Certificate II and III qualifications and returning results in their HSC examinations above the state average.

HSC Celebrations

Newington’s traditional Year 12 barbecue was held outside Centenary Hall. It was a great event, with plenty of laughs and stories shared by both boys and their very proud teachers. Over a sausage sizzle, we heard about exciting future plans for study, work and travel.

Top 2 Bands across the Courses

While we celebrate all our successes, we particularly recognise the boys and teachers in courses where over 60% of candidates scored in the top two bands (5 or 6) of achievement in a 2 unit course, or the top band (E4) in a 1 unit course. A wonderful result.

Course % in Top Bands  Course % in Top Bands
Ancient History 71% Mathematics 60%
Biology 60% Mathematics Extension 1 91%
Business Studies 65% Mathematics Extension 2 100%
Chemistry 91% Modern Greek (Beginners) 78%
Design & Technology 87% Modern History 80%
Drama 83% Music 1 100%
Economics 75% Music 2 100%
Engineering Studies 69% Music Extension 100%
English Advanced 82% Physics 74%
English Extension 1 100% Senior Science 62%
German (Beginners) 60% Software Design & Dev 91%
History Extension 100% Spanish (Beginners) 91%
Info Processes & Technology 71% Studies of Religion 2U 75%
Latin (Continuers) 100% Visual Arts 82%
Legal Studies 81%    


Did you know?

Newington is the only GPS school to offer both the HSC and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to senior students.

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A liberal education equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyse problems, make informed judgements and think broadly. The students who take this approach to subject selections are our high achievers.

- Mr Trent Driver, Deputy Head of Campus 7-12 (Academic)

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