F1 in Schools

Learn more about our F1 in Schools program.

F1 in Schools

The F1 in Schools competition is a program that is run across the world with over a million students competing every year. The brief is to design, build, collaborate, test and race a miniature F1 car, as well as promote your team and sponsors to the community. The emphasis is on collaboration and sponsorship which helps develop skills and knowledge about what it takes to build a business – skills which are extremely valuable for prospective engineers and designers.

F1 in Schools Program has been a part of Co-curricular since 2010. The competition is based on Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Learning. It continues to have new students applying each year.

The competition has gained higher recognition in the Newington Community with the Regionals now being held at the College and more successful teams attending the State Finals each year.

A program highlight includes Newington College winning the F1 in Schools Australian National Finals in Canberra in 2014 and attending the World Finals later that year.