Innovation and Technology

At Newington College we believe that technology plays an integral role in helping students learn.

Why we learn with technology

Dr Ruben Peutendura (SAMR), Punya Mishra and Matthew J Koehler (TPACK) see the value of using technology to augment, modify and even redefine learning activities, making possible new forms of engagement, interaction and growth.

At Newington, we believe technology plays an integral role in our boys’ learning. In some cases, this involves learning about how technology works in robotics and app development classes. At other times, it is using technology to complete a classroom activity. Increasingly our use of technology is across all learning areas.

Through the introduction of online tools and innovative applications, our teachers use technology to enrich our students learning, leaving them with skills, tools and ways of thinking that will be beneficial well beyond their schooling.

Enriched learning

Technology allows the boys to CREATE, CONNECT, ORGANISE, and PERSONALISE their learning.

Four principles of Technology in the Classroom


  • Technology empowers students as independent learners
  • Develops a constructive, problem solving approach
  • Makes learning mobile and flexible


  • Encourages collaborative learning
  • Enables effective and authentic sharing both within and outside the College
  • Develops strong research skills
  • Shapes ethical and informed learners


  • Allows students to approach file and resource organisation, and note taking and revision in a way that best suits their own learning style
  • Encourages reflective portfolio approaches


  • Encourages students to reflect on their own learning
  • Develops students that are effective and responsible users of personal and mobile devices into the future

Technology Program from K-6

Newington has made some recent changes to its device program to adapt to the new innovations in learning technology and in response to the needs of our boys and teachers.

  • Boys in K-4 have access at the College to one on one iPads in their classroom for engaging with learning applications. This helps them to show and interact with what they are learning.
  • Students in Years 5 & 6 are provided with a Newington owned iPad Air 2 with 64GB of storage and WI-FI only capability.
  • This device will be managed by Newington ICT and your son will be provided with a special school Apple ID managed through the Apple School Manager Program.
  • Apple School Manager and Classroom App boast many great features and new possibilities for using iPads in the classroom.

As well as the practical management and administrative benefits, Apple School Manager is expected to enhance the learning experience for both students and teachers in the classroom and eliminates a number of common issues and concerns that parents can experience when managing iPads at home. An additional bonus is a feature that allows ICT to take away the headache for parents when setting up iPads ready for use at school.