About the Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre provides an educational program for boys and girls that builds a strong culture of curiosity, creativity and resourcefulness.

About the ELC

Newington’s Early Learning Centre is an innovative learning space where early years education is imbued with the College’s core values: embracing our diversity, learning with rigour, exploring creativity, building character, nurturing the spiritual, caring for others, leading through serving and imagining a better future. 

Growth and development in early years forms the foundation for future learning, and our aim is provide an exceptional learning experience for your child. Our Early Learning Centre’s stimulating environment allows children to explore, grow and embrace their natural enthusiasm, creativity and curiosity. We create a space where children feel safe, secure and supported, where their confidence will blossom and where inspiring educators take an active role in their learning. 

 Central to our approach is the trusting partnership we form with each child’s family. Parents are a child’s first teacher, and we value their deep knowledge and understanding. It is a fundamental foundation in each child’s education.

Sandra Gray
Head of Early Years
         Robert Benson
Director of the ELC, Robert Benson

Meet the Director

The Director of Newington College’s Early Learning Centre, Mr Robert Benson, has a long career characterised first by his genuine care for children, and then by creating environments that both youngsters and parents love. He combines fresh thinking and engaging programs with the thoughtful innovation and high standards that are pivotal to the success of any early childhood learning centre.

Robert was most recently Director of KU Peter Pan in Paddington and was Director at KU’s centres at Surry Hills and Rushcutters Bay. He holds a Diploma of Teaching and a Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood and was nominated for a KU Making a Difference Award 2019, won the ECEEN Sprouts Award for environments in 2010, and won the KU Making a Difference Award in 2009.