Canines of Our College

Meet the dogs who will be on campus with their owners.

Benson 'Benny'

Marnie is a Chinese teacher, Debating coach, Le Couteur mentor and the Head of Languages. Her dog Benson ‘Benny’ is a two-year-old English Cocker Spaniel. His favourite activities are playing with his older Cocker Spaniel brother, going out for coffee and stealing Marnie’s shoes. 


Meet Chewie, a five-year-old Miniature Groodle who belongs to Science teacher and Acting Assistant Head of Year 7, Rachel Robinson. Chewie prefers humans over dogs. He is highly motivated by food and is scared of cats. He has epilepsy, and that hasn’t stopped him from being a happy and friendly dog.


Meet Coco, a nine-year-old Tibetan spaniel who belongs to Tiffany Aliferis, a PDHPE teacher, Volleyball & Basketball coach and part of the Newington Cadet program. Coco hates having her photo taken but loves belly rubs. Fun fact: historically, Tibetan Spaniels kept watch over monasteries in Tibet due to their fantastic eyesight! 


Jeremy Green is an English & History teacher, Boarding mentor and part of the Cadets program. His dog Cooper is a six-year-old Cavoodle who is currently enjoying his first year of ‘duty’ as the house dog for the boarders at Edmund Webb boarding house.


Meet Darcy, a seven-year-old Kelpie who belongs to Geography teacher and Head of Careers, Shane Serhon. He hates having a bath and is a herder, not a fetcher. He won’t chase a ball, but he’ll chase dogs who are chasing balls.


Meet Daisy, a four-month-old Labrador. Daisy is a much-loved member of her family. Daisy’s older puppy brother, Toby, has taken her under his wing and taught her the Labrador ways … eating socks, pegs, rocks, toys and puzzles. Daisy belongs to Lisa Tauba, an Economics and Geography teacher who has replaced Karl Watson for Terms 3 and 4.  


Meet Klump, a six-month-old English Staffordshire Terrier. The Norwegian translation of his name is ‘Nugget’. Klump is a very affectionate dog who loves to eat couches. His owner is Nick Wainman, Head of PDHPE, a Fletcher House mentor and rugby, rowing and athletics coach. 


Meet Lady, a four-year-old Cavoodle, who belongs to History teacher Alex Fisher. She enjoys swimming at the beach and eating fruit. Lady likes people more than dogs. Good thing, because she is expecting a human brother in October.


Meet Lulu, a three-year-old Boston Terrier who belongs to Deputy Head (Students), Andy Quinane. Lulu Loves cuddles and pats and is very fast for a little dog! 


Say hello to Max, a four-month-old Boxer who belongs to Science teacher and Cadet Officer, Joanne Heaume. Max loves to run around with his plush toys and play, as puppies do.

Pepper Potts

Meet Pepper Potts. Pepper loves her work as a Pet Therapy dog with Paws Pet Therapy. When she’s not lounging on the sofa with her mate, Ferris Bueller the Great Dane, she enjoys swimming at the beach and running with other dogs in the park. A good day out for Pepper involves meeting people, cuddles and pats, ball chasing, cuddles and pats, food, cuddles and pats, sleep and cuddles and pats. She’s looking forward to meeting staff and students at Newington College on Wednesday!


Meet Piper, a one-year-old Cavoodle who is excellent with people and kids. She belongs to Mick Madden, a Science teacher and Head of Service Learning. Fun fact, Piper loves peanut butter!

Tulip and Lacy

Graham Potter is a Biology teacher and Head of Le Couteur House. Tulip is a seven-year-old Labrador, and Lacy is two-year-old short-haired St Bernard. Fun facts, in 2014 Tulip was an Australian Champion Show Labrador. Lacey weighs a delicate 75kg and ate seven remote controls as a puppy.


Say hola to Ulises, a four-year-old Maltese who understands both English and Spanish. He belongs to Julia Gonzalez, a French and Spanish IB ab initio teacher. Every time an ambulance goes by, Ulises howls like a wolf!


Meet Wombat, a one-year-old Labrador Spoodle who belongs to Co-curricular Administrator, Jo Dwyer. She’s responsible for the behind-the-scenes logistics of the College Co-curricular program. True to his namesake, Wombat has tried to dig a burrow under the brick wall between his house and the next-door neighbour.