Vision and Strategy

The structure of the Strategic Plan is broken into Guiding Principles, Foundations and Pillars of Distinction.

Pathway to the Future

The Strategic Plan for 2015-2018 called ‘Discover what’s possible’, builds upon the firm beliefs developed by the pioneers of the College and fits within the long-term, integrated strategic plan developed by the College Council.

Every year the Headmaster, with the Senior Executive of the College, reports on the outcomes for the year’s goals against the Strategic Plan and also sets the goals for the coming year.


Our Vision

To provide an internationally respected education that empowers boys to become men of substance and resilience who make an active and positive contribution to society.


Guiding Principles

What motivates our planning?

  • What is best for boys
  • A learning focus
  • An intent to Discover what’s possible

Pillars of Distinction

What’s our focus?

1. Learning and Teaching

a) Choice, Balance and Diversity: Ensure the College’s curriculum provides choice and balance while acknowledging the changing expectations and requirements at community, state, national and international levels.

b) Uniqueness: Value individual differences and provide for the different learning needs of all boys through an inclusive curriculum and outstanding teaching.

c) Excellence in Educational Delivery:

  • Apply effective learning theory to develop and deliver high quality learning and teaching programs.
  • Foster a community of learners and forge strategic alliances with other educational institutions.
  • Integrate literacy, numeracy and the latest information and communication technologies across the curriculum.
  • Develop effective learning analytics methodology and usage
  • Seek regular feedback
  • Apply benefits of appropriate ICT usage within the curriculum and for teaching methodologies.


2. Well-being, Character and Service

a) A Just and Caring Community

  • Continue to develop a culture that is inclusive and reinforces the values of care, intercultural and international understanding, consideration and respect for others.
  • Foster a holistic approach to the wellbeing of each boy encompassing the spiritual, academic, pastoral and co-curricular areas of his development.

b) Policies and programs to promote well-being and good character

  • Enhance each boys and good character, self-worth, independence and interdependence.
  • Phase in the best elements of a positive psychology approach to the Years 5–12 well-being programs.
  • Continue best practice anti-bullying strategies.
  • Promote effective professional development for staff on pastoral issues.
  • Promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  • Provide all the boys with timely affirmation and intervention with regard to effort and engagement.
  • Engage in strong partnership with parents on issues around character development, well-being programs and service initiatives.
  • Improve communication networks and channels for boys.
  • Develop global citizens who have a strong ethical compass.
  • Promote leadership training and opportunities to serve
  • Provide quality school residential care for boarders.

3. Spirituality, Values and Ethics

a) Community

  • Value and respect the numerous cultures and faiths within the Newington community.
  • Encourage a genuine sense of well-being, care, and spiritual formation.
  • Continue to strengthen the role of the Chapel and the Christian dimension, in enriching the life of the wider community

b) Life in the College Community

  • Give daily expression to the values of self-respect, intercultural understanding, care for others and service to the community.
  • Ensure that our commitment towards issues of justice, poverty and the environment become a focus of faith in action consistent with the Uniting Church’s respect for others
  • Strengthen our international and intercultural understanding and respect. Strengthen our respect and understanding of the First Peoples (Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders) within our national context.

c) In fide Scientiam (to faith add knowledge)

  • Develop our Philosophy and Religious Studies programs within the curriculum.
  • Foster our Centre for Ethics.

d) Priorities for our Chapel Life

  • Increase and deepen the spiritual awareness and experiences for the Newington community.
  • Provide worship that is engaging and relevant.
  • Chaplains to be actively involved in the pastoral programs and policies of the College.

4. Co-curricular Engagement

Co-curricular options that occur outside the classroom provide boys with opportunities to build self-esteem, self-worth, skill development, physical and/or mental fitness, teamwork, leadership and confidence. Newington College encourages participation in a wide range of individual and team activities to help with positive character development.


  • Continue to develop a range of opportunities to explore and give expression to each boy’s talents, skills and character.
  • Provide challenging co-curricular programs that suit the needs of the boys.


  • Clarify expectations for all boys to participate in a quality co-curricular program. Continue to enhance sportsmanship, citizenship, stewardship, competitiveness and contribution.
  • Embed sporting values into all aspects of our programs.

5. Community in Partnership

Newington College is proud of our exceptionally strong sense of community held by boys, parents, staff, College Council and Old Boys. Since 1863, our culture has developed by placing a key emphasis on relationships and a commitment to serve others. We aspire to make every member of the Newington Community feel welcome, connected and appreciated.

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What underpins our Strategic Plan?

  • Our quality staffing
  • Our need for long term sustainability

Our Aims and Values

• Embracing our diversity • Learning with rigour • Exploring our creativity • Leading through serving • Building our character • Nurturing the spiritual • Caring for others • Imagining a better future

Solar-Powered Learning

There are currently 341 solar panels situated on top of the Taylor Sports Centre at the Stanmore Secondary Campus.

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Going Green

The College’s beautiful grounds are maintained thoughtfully; every tree is monitored, registered and replaced if required and all water captured is used for irrigation.

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Sustainability Committee

Newington proudly boasts a large collaborative effort between students, staff and groundsmen who put sustainability at the forefront of how they consider new projects for the College.

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Green Action Plans

Year 7 is involved in planting and harvesting year-round vegetable crops in their Market Garden. Students learn about organic gardening and crop irrigation and different uses for collected rain water.
  • Rainwater catchment and grey water recycling in all new buildings used to help to irrigate the ovals
  • Refurbished classrooms and new buildings have electronic lights with high energy saving ratings 
  • All new buildings aim for maximum environmental rating
  • Rainwater tanks to supply water to flush urinals in Le Couteur boys toilets
  • Variable speed drives on motors that control ventilation of the pool and heating/cooling water systems
  • Increased secondary planting and use of native plants
  • Solar panels for all three campuses – the first project was completed on large roof areas above the gymnasium
  • Porous paving material on pathways and car park to decrease run off and ensure adequate watering for large heritage trees
  • Classrooms are double glazed for insulation and noise reduction and LED lights are constantly upgraded to save on power usage.

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"With technology being an increasingly integrated part of the College, the ability to track and assess electricity usage and solar generation has become a standard procedure."

- Mr Peter Yates, Head of Corporate Services on Sustainability