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Filling in the Gaps – The last box to tick

September 18, 2017 At this time of every year, there are 230-ish boys doing lots of things with the word ‘last’ in front of them.  Their last school assembly, last double Biology lesson, last Cadet parade, last concert, the last time they will walk up the stairs in N-block to a class on … read more

Year 7 Father and Son Breakfast

September 18, 2017 On Friday, 8 September, our Year 7s bought along their fathers, grandfathers, uncles or other significant men to the annual Year 7 Father and Son Breakfast. With over 220 boys and guests in Centenary Hall the coffee and hot chocolate … read more

Maths not a problem for UNSW School Competition Winner Adrian Lo

September 18, 2017 Year 9 student Adrian Lo (9/LE), was awarded 1st Prize in the Junior Division of the UNSW School Mathematics Competition on Friday, 8 September. Adrian is in Year 9 at Newington, and at just 13 years of age, is currently completing … read more

NEWtalks – Real teachers talk about how they teach

September 18, 2017 Newington is committed to continuous improvement. There are many conversations and professional programs at the College which aim to improve teaching and learning. A new program which is available to parents is NEWtalks – a series of presentations from teaching … read more

Continuing Journey of a “New” Boy – From Senior Captain to Year 7 Coach

September 18, 2017 At the Football End of Season Dinner, the audience of supporters, players, coaches and directors were rewarded with a heartfelt speech given by the 2016 Captain of Football, Old Newingtonian and now year 7 coach Sam Mehmet. Speaking about both … read more